Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sinestro Sez

Here's a quick one. Enjoy!

Yeah I just noticed some of the panels don't exactly flow as smoothly as I would've liked, but in my defense I was rushing to put this one out so sue me!

For those who don't know, the War of the Green Lanterns is now in full effect. This doesn't look to bad overall, but also serves as another excuse for all-father Johns to retcon the hell out of the Guardians' past. Some of his retcons aren't all bad, and actually to add to the GLC myth in some ways, but others are just unnecessary and wrong.  I hope when this and Flashpoint are done, that Johns can go back to smaller, simpler stories, with Hal fighting over members of his rogues gallery. Hey Johns remember them?   Goldface?  The Tattooed Man?  Lord Sonar?  Evil Star? Him I really miss.  I know Johns is in the midst of his opus and all, but I remember when Hal's adventures weren't so space-oriented all the time. 
There's even a quick comment on that by members of the JLA in one of the current issues where they ask Hal "When was the last time you took your ring off?"  You can difinitely apply that to this all-consuming space epic that's going on right now. I believe it's called event fatigue. It does exist you know. Oh well.......

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