Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Religion can be funny....

Yes, we've all been there. At one point or another, or even far more frequently than we'd like, a scene like this happens. Some Jehovah's Witness or two stops by and knocks on your door. You then have 2 choices: either you answer the door and listen to their little spiel, or you don't and ignore the knock at the door.  And even if you should choose to not answer, they'll still stick a little pamphlet in the side of the door or under it.  I personally don't why they bother. I get that it's what their bible tells them to do; to go out and spread the good word and all, but still don't they realize that they're one the most hated and avoided groups of people out there?   They have to.  I wonder if even other chrisitians or religious groups want them around. Can you imagine if say a Jehovah's witness were to stop by a Buddhist or Hindu's house and tried to pettle Jehovah on them? I'd imagine they get some weird "what the hell are you doing here?" looks, maybe listen to them alittle, and then send them on their way. Just remember kids, if your religion isn't like theirs, then your is wrong.

And another thing, why do they always have to show up on saturday or sunday morning? It's like they know you trying to relax from a busy work week, but that doesn't stop them from showing up and trying ruin your day.
Oh well God bless 'em right? If they don't spread their gospel, who will? Reformed/I found God convicts? Imagine that for a minute.

More of Guy and Cap's BBQ pics tommorow

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