Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Ultron and Skynet

It's Day 3 of  Fantasy Team-Up week here @ Mr. Morbid's House of Fun, and today's team-up involves some very homicidal robots/machines, in Ultron and the Skynet program from the Terminator movie franchise.

When you think about it, I can't think of a more deadlier combination of evil machines and robots other than if Ultron ever hooked up with Skynet.

Think about the long-term ramifications of Ultron at first aiding, then quickly taking over Skynet to mass produce millions and billions of Ultrons?


So in my scenario, Ultron still exists, just not in the regular MU or multiverse. He exists in the James Cameron Terminator world, where he's still created, and even still built by a Dr. Hank Pym, except this Dr. Pym never becomes a superhero or founding member of the Avengers. In fact there's no superheroes at all in this world, or a SHIELD for that matter.

 Nope, instead he's just a regular old genius scientist who's in direct competition with the creators of Skynet, to create a new defense system to benefit the the world and all mankind.

Of course as in the main MU, his plans don't go the way he intended, and this Ultron also becomes self-aware and increasingly hostile towards his "father" and all humankind in general.

Ultron breaks free from Pym's lab after killing him, and goes of in search of kindred spirits.

 Those kindred spirits wind up being Skynet, which Ultron interfaces and interacts with, to the point that Skynet too becomes self-aware....and increasingly hostile towards humankind.

 I'm sensing a pattern here....

Since Ultron had a more direct hand in making Skynet self-aware, he has an easier time manipulating and eventually taking over the system, whereas, he'd probably have to sweet talk Skynet a bit more if Skynet had achieved self-awareness on its own.

 Either way, Humans are fucked.

In a very short amount of time, Ultron uses Skynet to takeover the world, and in time, Ultron plans on conquering other planets and solar systems as well.

Then he sets his sights on the multiverse....

With no one really to challenge him, since there's no superheroes in this world, Ultron truly is king.


For a tiny, remote bunker, where a very small band of freedom fighters still exist....for now.
The mission? To send someone back into the past to kill Ultron's creator before he creates him.

That person is John Connor.

*Que Terminator movie music*


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Skynet and Ultron, nice concept! the Frank Miller Robocop vs The Terminator mini-series also had a cool concept in which Robocop's cybernetic interface systems was the technology that lead to the artificial intelligence that would become Skynet eventually.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I think Googum told me about that one. He mentioned that Robocop decides to go back into the past to prevent Skynet from being born, but only makes things worse.
Sounds pretty good actually.

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