Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: The Hulk and The Maxx

What's up people?

Today's another exciting edition of Fantasy Team-Up, a column I'll be going with for the rest of week, posting various team-ups I'd love to see and read about.

For today, I'm going with an admittedly odd paring of the incredible Hulk and Sam Kieth's the Maxx.

Now Kieth is no stranger to the Hulk, having drawn various Marvel covers with the Hulk on them back during the late 80's/early 90's, and even wrote and drew a 4 issue Hulk/Wolverine mini-series in 2002.

Then there's the Maxx, Kieth's personal creation from the early 90's that became so popular that MTV agreed to and aired an animated Maxx series in 1995.
Maxx was

In my dream scenario, Mr. Gone's returned and he plans on making life for the Maxx and Julie very difficult by forcing the dream world of the Outback to combine with the "outback" of every person alive in the world to overtake our reality.

He's got various schemes in place to make this ambitious plan work, but the Hulk does factor very much into these nefarious plans.

 And it's the Hulk who Mr. Gone goes after, invading his dreams, showing him the Outback, or at least a distorted version of the Outback, the Hulk's Outback/dream world, according to the Hulk's damaged mental state, and attacking him through that.

Lots of Hulk VS. Isz action, with the Maxx and Julie being likewise attacked by Isz's.

Of course, you'd get the obligatory superhero misunderstanding between the Maxx and Hulk, leading to a fight.

And let's be real here, there's no way I'd ever do an edition of So, Who Would Win? with these two, because all know the Hulk would win hands down. Now maybe Hulk were to be transported to the Maxx's Outback, The Maxx might have a chance with all things being even, kind of, but either way, the Hulk's got this one, so yeah, no wondering who'd win in a fight, because the Hulk would clearly have it.

No folks, instead, Julie's able to step in the middle of them and force the Hulk to calm down enough to listen to reason and realize they're all on the same side and that they need to band together to take down Mr. Gone once and for all.

Now imagine all the sights and different locals we'd get to see.
The New Mexico desert, Julie and Maxx's home city, The Outback, and more.

Fuck, I'd read it!

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