Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Adam Strange and ROM


Well folks, here we are on the last day of Fantasy Team-Up week.
And for today, I'm going out on a high note with a special team-up that not only makes sense, but also one that should make a certain longtime friend and commenter to this blog very happy.

Shlomo, this is for you buddy.

Why would Shlomo be interested in this particular team-up? Why because it involves one of his favorite comic characters ever, ROM, the Spaceknight, as he teams up with Adam Strange, the human protector of his adopted home planet Rann.

So why would ROM and Adam Strange ever meet up, besides the fact that both of them hangout in space a lot?

Simple, because of these nasty fuckers, The Dire Wraiths.

In case you didn't know, the Dire Wraiths are life-long enemies of ROM's and basically all other forms of life in the universe, due to the fact that just like the alien Brood, they seek to conquer and consume all they can in order to continue to thrive.

The Dire Wraiths are very powerful since they're able to shape-shift, have super-strength, and in the case of the females of the species, also actively practice magic.
The Dire Wraiths get their shape-shifting abilities from being genetic offshoots of the Skrulls due to the Celestials experimentations, but shit, even the Skrulls don't want anything to do with them.

Now in my scenario, the Dire Wraiths are looking for a new home-world since their last one was destroyed after being banished to limbo by ROM.
Now this problem was solved in the main MU back in 2011, when the Annihilators restored Wraithworld in order to restore a cosmic balance with the universe.

Not so here.

Instead, the Dire Wraiths are still roaming the stars, looking for a hospitable planet to use as their new home.
This is where Adam Strange comes into play, because for some odd reason, it's HIS adopted planet Rann, that is chosen to become the new Wraithworld after its deemed fit enough to takeover.

The atmosphere of Rann seems to agree with the Wraiths' unique physiology and abilties, meeting all the conditions needed for the Wraiths to survive and thrive in this new world.

So to Rann they head.

Upon their arrival, they quickly access the situation and study the natives of their new intended home.

Its then after a period of a month of having laid low and bred enough new Wraiths from both natural means and from having taken and assimilated various native lifeforms, that the Wraiths make their presence known.

Sardath, Rann's resident genius scientist and father-in-law to Adam Strange, begins to notice signs and evidence of the Wraiths' arrival, and sets off to personally investigate, taking his lab assistant with him.

It doesn't too long for Sardath to find the Dire Wraiths new base of operations. After a quick fight, Sardath somehow is able to escape long enough to send out an emergency distress signal to Adam Strange before the Wraiths kill his assistant and capture him for further study.

After successfully probing Sardath's mind, the Wraiths gain all the knowledge and facts about Rann (Its strengths and weaknesses) they'll need to help them in completely conquering and taking over the planet.

It doesn't take them long to put that knowledge to bad use as they waste no time in killing and assimilating more and more Rannians.

All hope looks lost until a certain familiar red and white-garbed figure comes streaking through the Rannian sky, Rann's protector and champion, Adam Strange!

Adam Strange came as fast as he could, considering he has to wait for a certain day of the month for a zeta-beam to transport him from Earth to Rann.

Unfortunately when he does finally arrive, he arrives to a Rann that's already been constantly bombarded by daily attacks from the Dire Wraiths for the entire time it it took for the conditions to be right for Strange to get there.

After quickly accessing all the damage, he instantly thinks about his wife Alanna and wonders if she's okay.
Thankfully it doesn't take long for his worries to be assuaged upon seeing Alanna alive....

.....but not for long as she's being tirelessly pursued by some wraiths.

Adam manages to fight them off long enough to grab Alanna and fly away to a safer place.
She quickly fills him in on what's happened, how there's race of invading aliens hellbent on taking over Rann, and how her father's among the many missing Rannians.

In the days that follow, Adam Strange does all he can to combat the threat of the Dire Wraiths, but there's only so much one man can do.

Brought to the brink of utter exhaustion after fighting non-stop for days on end and on the verge of being killed, things look bleak for Adam Strange while in the middle of an intense battle with a horde of Dire Wraiths.

Just as it looks like they're going to gain the upper-hand and kill Strange, multiple blasts of ruby red death strike the horde of wraiths with lazer-like procession, eliminating all of them in a big blinding flash of light.

Another giant explosion follows near Strange, as a mysterious figure emerges from the spot where the wraiths once stood.....

It's ROM, the spaceknight, and he's arrived on Rann to help Strange combat the Dire Wraiths after intercepting Sardath's emergency distress signal.

Introductions are hastily made, and ROM's brought up to speed on all that's happened.

Now it's Adam Strange and ROM against a planet-full of angry, hostile, and desperate Dire Wraiths.

May whatever gods the Rannians serve help them all!

Shit, I maybe be biased here, but I'd definitely read this one. Probably have it be a two-parter or 3-issue mini-series to really get the most out of this team-up.

What do you guys think?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

your posting is missing just one thing

Dale Bagwell said...

Goddamn, I totally forgot all about that post. Well damn....
I still think my premise would fit the parameters of a good ROM story provided Bill Mantlo was writing it.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well look at the bright side Dale at least you came up with a good back story for the meeting of these two cosmic heroes. by the way check your email when you get a chance.

Dale Bagwell said...

Got your email. Sweet Hawkman art man.

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