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Top 5: DC Characters Who Should Pack It In And Move To The Marvel Universe


You ever wonder what things would be like if you took certain characters from different comic companies and transplanted them into another? Like say move Captain America to the DCU or Superman to the MU?

Sure you do. We all have.

Well today I'm playing with that concept by choosing 5 characters from the DCU, and moving them into the MU to see how that work. Would they thrive? Would they benefit from being moved to a different set of rules and set up? Or would they just end up worse off than if they had stayed where they were?

For the sake of this post, I'm going with certain teams or individuals I feel might actually have a better time the Marvel Universe, and how those new interactions could benefit them in the long run.

5). The Doom Patrol

The World's Strangest Heroes can't even find a stable home for themselves despite all they've done just to exist. I think a move to the MU would be a better and fitting place for the Doom Patrol to try and live. There's plenty more strange and exotic locales to to explore (The Savage Land, The Microverse, The Negative Zone) and I really feel a change of scenery might do them good.

Plus there's all the possible relationships to see being built. I imagine Cliff Steele and Ben Grim for example, would hit it off like two peas in a pod, with the other members also finding common ground with other MU heroes.

Dr. Caulder will always be Dr. Caulder, so it'd be fun to see him navigate through the MU's own intellectual field with the likes of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and more as peers and colleagues. You know they'll view him with suspicion and keep on eye on him, and vice-versa.

The first fun part with be with dealing with a certain Latverian dictator who also happens to share the name Doom....

4). The Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Ted Kord is one of DC's most criminally underrated and under-utilized characters, and has been for decades now ever since his JL heyday. He's a brilliant inventor, business mogul, and not a bad detective and crime-fighter on his own merits. A trip to the MU is exactly what this doctor would order. I think once there,he'd finally be appreciated and blossom as his own man.

Shit, I just know him and Peter Parker would be instant BFF's knowing their shared sense of humor. Plus they could also be friendly business rivals now that Peter has Parker Industries to play with.

3). The Metal Men

Just like the Doom Patrol, I personally feel the MU would be a much better fit for these wacky guys.

Again, the major appeal is to see the interactions with Prof. Magnus with the other brilliant minds of the MU, again like Stark, Richards, Pym, and the like and to see how they play off each other.
I don't see why the FF wouldn't benefit the most from meeting these guys, and all the fun team-ups to be had.

And there's also this nice story nugget of a possibility; When Platinum meets the Vision. Instead love triangle/rectangle with Prof. Magnus and Wanda if you want, thrown in the mix.

Oh the possibilities.

2). Lex Luthor

Ok, ok, I know this is probably gonna' feel like a big stretch, but here's my reasoning behind this choice:
Lex Luthor's always maintained the notion that if it weren't for Superman, he'd accomplish soooo much and do all these supposed wonderful things he'd create to benefit mankind and guide them to the future.

Ok, so let's say we move Lex to the MU where there is no Superman to stop him. Now what?
Let's say Lex sets up shop in the MU and goes about his plans for us his way. Think of all the possibilities and interactions he';d have with peers and rivals like Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, and really most of all for me, to see him being business rivals with Tony Stark, Imagine the wars and corporate takeovers and shenanigans that's erupt from those two going at it? Fuck yeah....

1). Animal Man

I say why the fuck not? He's another criminally underrated guy who's coasted off his Morrison buzz for years, and still can't the get the respect he deserves. I think for a simple everyday guy like Buddy, maybe the MU might be the change of pace he needs to finally come into his own. Plus he's got a pretty unique skill-set that not everyone in the MU has at the moment, so really, why not?
He feels more like a Marvel character anyways.

Now I know there are plenty more heroes and villains who could also equally benefit to moving out of the DCU, but these are the ones to me that stand out.

Who would you move from the DCU to the MU if you had the chance to draft them?

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