Monday, February 27, 2017

Top 10: Marvel Legends Re-dos

Goddamn if there isn't a shit-ton of Marvel Legends waves coming out this year. Two waves' worth of GoTG figures, two Spider-Man waves, an X-Men wave and that's just taking us up through to July. Still don't know what else Hasbro has up their sleeves for the rest of 2017.

Well today I'm briefly going over the figures that desperately need to a do-over, especially the figures from Hasbro's early years of taking over the Marvel Legends brand.

Here's a list of the top 10 Marvel Legends figures that desperately need that do-over....

10). Namor (Green Trunks look)

Just look at this point excuse for a figure from the Ronan the Accuser BAF wave. It screams redo, which Hasbro can, especially now that they can reuse the newer, updated Namor head.

9). Adam Warlock (Classic look)

While we are getting a new Adam Warlock figure later this year, we still need a figure with his classic Thunderbolt on the chest look. This last figure is too skinny, making the head look rediculously too big.

8). Quicksilver

It's not super bad, but its another example of a figure that desperately needs to be redone by Hasbro. And they can re-use the new Namor head too.

7). Luke Cage

No major issues with this figure other than we sorely need a re-release, 'cause that whole set is a too expensive for my blood. I imagine we'll get a Netflix version at some point considering the first wave of Netflix figure that are coming out soon.

6). Madame Hydra/The Viper/Madame Mask

They're essentially the same figure albeit with different faces, but pretty much the same. And no matter who it is, they/she looks like a transgender in transition, FUGLY.

5). Banshee

Part of the first batch of new figures from Hasbro when they took over the Marvel Legends brand, Banshee was included in 2007's Annilhilus BAF, and like most of the figures in the wave, he's horribly executed as a figure. Only Hercules and She-Hulk have aged well today. Not so much for this long-time X-MEN member.

4). Klaw

It isn't the face/head sculpt that bothers me so much as the rest of the body. The immaciated body buck really stands out, especially when compared to the Ed McGuiness package art. He seriously needs a redo.

3). Mystique

I'm lumping all three of these Mystique figures together, even the Fox movie figures because they all suck. Sure the original 2005 Sentinel BAF wave one is the best of the bunch, but that's being considered the most polite out of a group of pedophiles.

Do better Hasbro. She deserves it.

2). The Black Knight

Just look at this poor trainwreck of a figure. Hasbro can so much better now that have nicer chainmail armored figures to use as a better body buck. Especially if they give us the classic version.

1). Tigra

Look at her and this is what we got versus the hot figure we could've got.
REDO TIME Hasbro!!!!!!

There's more figures that didn't make the main list, but deserve honorary mention:

U.S. Agent, Deathlok, X-23, Avalanche, Cannonball and Domino.


googum said...

I kinda like that Tigra, or at least don't mind her. Wouldn't mind a taller, thicker USAgent, though.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

That Luke Cage figure looks awful but I have to admit the Mystique and Tigera ones got a little blood flow going to my Shlomo.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum, that Tigra figure could look so much better if done now....Well at least compared to her first figure. I'd love to see a better one based off Mike Deodato's art myself.
But yeah, we definitely need a bigger, bulkier US Agent. The skinny one looks basically like The Captain.

@Shlomo: ha ha,you dog you.

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