Thursday, February 16, 2017


Last week I got some nice SWAG in the form of three figures I ordered off Amazon, Spidey UK and the new black costumed Spider-Man from the Sandman BAF Spider-Man wave, and the new, updated Wonder Man from the Captain America Abomination BAF wave.

They're pretty decent figures really, especially the new, updated black Spidey. He comes with two sets of hands, which the Wonder Man figures also comes with two sets of hands, plus the often used Havok energy bubble snap on effects.

The Spidey UK figure, not to be confused with the British punk Spider-Man, is pretty unique in that he's not a straight up copy of the usual Spider-Man body buck, but instead uses the more bulkier body buck plus a new headsculpt. He goes great with the new, updated Captain Britain figure if you also happen to own one too.

So as it stands, I'm only two figures ( Ms. Marvel Kamela Khan and Spider-Man 2099) away from finally completing the Sandman. He's really fucking cool this go-round as a BAF even if I still think the first Sandman figure from 2005 is still the overall better Sandman figure.

As for the Abomination BAF, I'm only two figures in, so I've got a good ways yet to go, as I need to get the Cap, Iron Skull, Eel, and MCU Scarlet Witch figures in order to complete him.

Then on a shopping trip out of town, I wound up buying the first volume of the Batman: Elseworlds collection.

It's not a bad read, collecting works like Batman: Holy Terror, Batman: The Blue, The Grey, and The Bat, Robin 3000#'s 1-2, Batman/Dark Joker: The Wild, Batman/Houdini: The Devil's Workshop, Batman: Castle of the Bat, Batman: In Darkest Knight ( Batman as a Green Lantern), and Batman: Dark Allegiances.

These are all pretty much decent early Batman Elseworlds tales outside of the Kelley Jones' Batman Vampire trilogy. I wish they had included the Mike Mignola Victorian Batman one, but these are pretty good and worth a look-see.
Only $34.99, which for what you get, is a damn good deal.

I don't if any of you out there watches The Magicians on the SyFy channel, but you should be. The second season started two weeks ago, and man has the tension and intrigue really ramped up this season. It's never failed to entertain me, and this season is no different, maintaining the "anything can and will happen to the cast-storytelling approach that the show is known for. Give it a try if you haven't already. It comes at 9pm on Wednesday nights on the SyFy channel.

Oh and I'm also watching Legion.

It's the new show on FX about the mutant David Haller, aka Legion, Prof. X's schizophrenic but very powerful mutant telepathic and telekinetic son.

The show's been very fun to watch and diffinetly is a not your typical superhero show at all. It very much is a perfect visual marriage of mental health and mutant powers. If you haven't already, I highly, highly recommend watching this series, especially for those who don't usually watch superhero shows. They'll like the approach used here. Plus it's its own separate, contained thing that doesn't require you to know jack about mutants or the X-MEN. It's that new viewer-friendly.
It comes on at 10pm on Wednesday nights on the FX channel, so don't miss it.

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