Monday, February 20, 2017

Dream Waves: X-Men Movie Figures

What's up People?
Enjoying yet another bullshit holiday like today, President's Day?
Seriously, it's a bullshit holiday that means absolutely nothing and does very little to honor the long-standing office of the US Presidency. And yet it's still a federal holiday, that needlessly closes the banks and most federal agencies.
Fucking stupid.

But enough about that. Today I'm going to briefly talk about what I would have done if I was Marvel and actually decided not to be petty and actually create Marvel Legends movie figures from the last two X-Men movies, Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. 

I know why Marvel didn't due to the ongoing issues with FOX over FOX owning the exclusive movie rights to all the X-Men and X-Men-related characters.

Well I'm ignoring all that dumb political bullshit, and rolling out, free of charge, my ideas on how I'd handle organising and distributing Marvel Legends movie figures focusing on characters from those particular last two X-Men movies.

Here we go......

X-Men Movie Marvel Legends Wave 1:

1). Old Magneto

2). Young Xavier

3). Storm

I'm mainly using the Storm from Apocalypse, because that's what I figured would be used as the official Storm figure of the line, but they could always go with the Halle Berry version too.

4). Blink

5). Warpath

6). Iceman

7). Wolverine

8). Quicksilver 

There's two main looks for Quicksilver and personally I'd go for his Days of Future Past look, but that's just me.

BAF: Apocalypse

Wave 2:

1). Old Xavier

2). Young Magneto

3). Beast

4). Mystique

5). Young Cyclops

6). Colossus

7). Psylocke

8). Young Phoenix

BAF: Movie Sentinel

I put up two versions of the movie Sentinel because they had different looks throughout the movie; the main future versions and the more color-correct past versions. Take your pick.

So as you can clearly see, I mixed characters from the different movies, and mixed young and old versions around in the two waves as well.

Whatta' think? You like? No like?

Now yes there are some characters I didn't include, and I guess they could be the basis for a third wave. Characters like Bishop, Angel, Kitty Pryde and Rogue didn't make the list, but they might in another wave.

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