Thursday, February 23, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Kurt Busiek's Thunderbolts VS. Warren Ellis's Thunderbolts


What's up People?
For this week's edition of So, Who Would Win? I'm pitting Kurt Busiek's original Thunderbolts against Warren Ellis's version of the Thunderbolts.

Why? Because I can, and it sounds like a really, really fun fight.

Now if some of you don't remember by now, the major twist and hook at the end of first issue of the original Thunderbolts run, was that they were all classic villains posing as heroes, all led by Baron Zemo, posing as the patriotic hero Citizen V.

The main hook for Ellis's version of the Thunderbolts, was that they were all criminals who were legally-sanctioned to hunt down heroes and villains alike who violated the registration law post-Civil War.
This incarnation was led by now government operative Norman Osbourne, AKA, the Green Goblin.

How cool would it be to see these two similar, but also vastly different iterations of the same team face off against each other?

That's what I want to know.

Here's the roster for the original Thunderbolts:

  • Citizen V (Baron Zemo)
  • Meteorite (Moonstone)
  • Atlas (Goliath)
  • Songbird (Screaming Mini)
  • Techno (The Fixer)
  • Mach V (The Beetle)

And now here's the roster for Ellis's Thunderbolts:

  • Norman Osbourne (Green Goblin)
  • Moonstone 
  • Bullseye 
  • The Radioactive Man
  • Venom (The Scorpion)
  • The Swordsman (Andre Strucker)
  • Songbird 
  • Penance (Speedball)
Now as you can plainly see, at least two of the members from the first incarnation are also on the Goblin-led one, so that automatically makes it even more interesting to watch play out.

And no, I didn't add Jolt to the original line-up because she wasn't part of the initial original line-up, and 'cause I said so.


Kurt Busiek's Thunderbolts 


Warren Ellis's Thunderbolts 


Who wins and why?.
Let me know who thinks the last team standing in the comments' section below.


googum said...

I was going to say Ellis's, since it was basically a murder squad...but that might be underselling Zemo's tactics. I could see him pulling out the win, with an awful plan: "...then, while Songbird's being murdered, Moonstone, you attack from behind..."

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, right? Never underestimate Zemo. God that'd such a damn good fight to see who could out bastard the other, Osbourne or Zemo. Moonstone would most definitely be a wildcard factor, and then there always a secret weapon to be played by either side.

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