Friday, July 08, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Nuke VS. Bane

TGIF Fuckers!!!!!!

How the hell are you guys?

Definitely in the middle of trying to create new and creatively imaginative material for the coming weeks here.
I don't know about you guys, but I've recently found myself losing interest in this blog. Yes, shocking I know, but amongst a lot of other factors, is primarily due to a an extreme lack of feedback.

I want it.

Good, bad, ugly, in the middle, I don't care.
I just want to know what you like, don't like, etc.

Well for me it's simple. I fully understand that to even have your own Blog, much like a social media account, requires a healthy bit of ego. You obviously have to feel that you have something to say that feel is going to be both relevant and entertaining/informative to various people out there. You have to want an audience, want to be able to communicate with like-minded individuals that share the same likes and dislikes as you. And I do.

And yet to be brutally honest, outside of die-hard regulars (which are themselves these days very hard to maintain due to life in general) there really aren't any here.

I have more followers on my Twitter account than official Blog followers.
I have more followers on my personal FB and Instagram pages than I do here.

Yeah, I know, and I swear to you all, this isn't like some kind of pathetic plea or appeal.
If you like my stuff, you'll read it and hopefully leave me some feedback.

If not, you'll go about your business and devout your valuable time and attention elsewhere. And there's nothing wrong with that. Truly.

What burns my ass is apathy.

People who might read what I do, and not give a shit.
Ok, I've been guilty of that myself with other blogs, and trust me, I've learned my lesson.
And I know primarily I do this, as we all do, to entertain myself. If I don't like what I've written or done, I make sure I do it better next in a way I will.
Live and learn, and all that crap.

The point is, leave me some fucking feedback people.

Anyhoo, enough with the ranting, let's get to the fighting.....

Now earlier I compiled a list of characters I figured would be really friendly with Nuke, even if temporary.

This time I've set Ol' Nukie up against one of those individuals who should be a similar kindred spirit, Bane.

They're both pretty similar in strength and size, with Bane being a bit bigger and taller, but not by a really large margin or anything.

Bane's powered by a super-steroid much like Nuke is.
They're both have extensive military training as far as combat and weapons go, although depending on which version of Bane you use, the Pre-52 version also had the benefit of training from Ra's Al Guhl's League of Assassins when he once considered Bane a worthy heir, so there's that.
And Nuke does have metal bits replacing damaged skeleton....

Otherwise they seem like a pretty even match, don't you?





Who Wins and Why?

Have a safe and happy weekend everybody......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well i don't know much about Nuke other then that he's some kind of ultra nationalistic psycho with some enhanced abilities and that he's tussled with Captain America and Wolverine at one time or another but that's it. given my scant knowledge of him it would be kinda hard to call that match up. however, in regards to the other issues in regards to your blog you might take some comfort in knowing i've heard similar complaints from other people. it seems other social media forums like fartbook, twit and whatever just seem to work better especially when it comes to the whole feed back thing. plus i think those other social media seem to be more compatible with mobile devices like iphones i think blogs are more user friendly with actual desktop or laptop computers.
but also the other issue is subject matter at some point you have to ask yourself honestly if there's an audience for what you're trying to showcase. i'll give you an example, The Suicide Squad blog. these days when it comes to all things Suicide Squad the talk of the town is pretty much just the movie and the New52 series with just a sprinkling of some redundant Ostrander era references. which means there's really nothing for me to talk about that anyone is really interested in these days. same goes for any new Squad fan art and it's 75% Harley anyways i mean how many times am i gonna post that? so there you go the blog just sits there i don't trip on not updating it if there's really nothing to talk about. i mean i'll probably do a review posting when the movie comes out even though i know it won't get read by many people but i think i'll be happy to just put my thoughts out there so if nothing else if somebody asks me what i thought of the movie i'll just send em the link. other then all that i think a lot of people are just pre-occupied with other matters in their personal life more so in the past couple years then before. we don't really hear from Randomnerd anymore, Dan posts about once a month, K.O.T pops up on occasion only and even when he posts he seems like he doesn't follow up on it and when was the last time you saw Omega Agent 1 anywhere? by the way thanks for that link but needless to say i have all that old school Squad stuff.
now personally i will never get on board with that fartbook and twit shit. it seems like the most annoying ass motherfuckers are on those social media sites. especially when it comes to ROM fans the everyone one of em they're are such IDW suck ups it's like they're all just standing in line for a turn to plant their lips on chris ryall's ass cheeks. plus i hate the whole "like" button it's really what people do when they don't have anything to say but want to make it seem as if they're part of the discussion in some way. to me a blog (unlike the before mentioned social media sites)has a certain archival quality to it almost like the different between a newspaper and a nice glossy magazine that you might save for a while to enjoy or reference at some later date as opposed to a news paper which you're more likely to toss out once done reading. now all that being said it amazes me still how that ROM blog of mine just won't die it seems to defy the case i practically just wrote a theses on about the ailing social forum of blogs. in fact, something new just turned up merely hours ago i gotta post catch you later.

Dale Bagwell said...

Brother, I honestly can't fault or argue against anything you just said.
You nailed it, especially about everyone we know in our certain little circle, and how they're posting habits have changed dramatically over the quick time we've all known each other.

Yeah Dan must be either busy with work or has a new creative outlet, because he posts less and less regularly like he used to.

-Omega, I have no idea what the hell happened to him. It's like he just vanished off the face of the Earth or something. Hope you're ok, wherever you are Omega. Miss him.

-KOT is definitely a lot busier with work and life these days.
-Random's had to deal with Divorce,

I figure you've probably gotten just as disillusioned with it all as I've sometimes felt, but we keep on, because obviously we feel we have something to say, or some kind of obligation to the people that do stick around.

Idk, but I've said my peace about it, and I either keep doing it, but less often and with better quality material, or I take a long break, or I just end it.

We'll see. Most definitely I'll be posting less often.
I used to feel if I wasn't contributing ideas and posts at least 4X times a week every month, I was somehow cheating myself and those who do still read this blog.

Now, after some very recent changes in my personal life, this blog, as dear a thing as I love, is slowly kinda' becoming less of a priority to maintain on a constant basis.

I feel maybe, quality, not quantity is what's called for. You know?

Now, yes, subject matter is a very broad and hard thing to specifically nail down. I don't like talking about world news or politics, because, especially now in wake of the all these shootings and the incredible farce that is this election year, I don't want to talk about that depressing bullshit.

I'd rather make q couple of funny quips and smartass remarks to lighten the fucking day. You know?

But I have, and I am planning on trying out more serious approaches with these skits.
You see, I've always patterned/styled this blog out with the Anthology model of presenting these stories and ideas.
Kinda' like the Twilight Zone, which was basically an Anthology series with morality plays as the main gag, with different story-telling genres and models as a delivery system.
My skits aren't always connected or following a collective continuity, other than all sharing a unified theme of humor.

Pepper in my wishlists and dream lists, and some rare topical opinion pieces, and you've just described my blog to a tee.
That's pretty much what I do.
So yeah, some feedback would be nice. But you know what? Fuck it. I've said my piece, and that's that. No point in whining or bitching about that after I've already presented my thoughts on that particular subject.

Truthfully, I hope you hang in with yours, the ROM one at least, since it seems to be the most successful and long-lasting one.

The SS one is most defintiely a small niche blog, and apparently not even SS fans are latching onto it, as they rightfully should, especially considering the recent movie, bad as it may be, it's something, and definitely a chance for a whole new audience to discover the original source material for the first time. Never anything wrong with that.

As for the rest of social media, yeah, it's pretty much a mixed bag of efficiency. If you're promoting a brand or a company, you need it. If it's for personal use, than I can take it or leave it, unless I'm using it to keep in contact with friends.
But yeah, social media is the devil.....

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

whatever you do Dale don't ever feel obliged to post. just do it whenever you're in the mood. if you do it really just because you feel like your past due for one and then not get a response it's just gonna demoralize you further. you don't want blogging to feel like a job or worse an unpaid internship do you? i have no problem going 2 or 3 weeks with out posting on the ROM blog even if i have been getting a lot of comments. if there's no good fan art out there or any worth while news or shit to say i have no problem not posting it's that simple. but eventually shit seems to come up even when i think that well is all but dried out. like just today i found the perfect spot for a ROM sticker Gary sent me over a year and a half ago thanks to a car i bought today. so guess what? i'm gonna fucken post about it. as for our circle of friends they're all just preoccupied with other matters in their respective lives it's not at all a time issue. i'm pulling 11 - 12 hour work days all days of the week but i still find the time to post and reply to comments. they're just all more interested or focused on other matters these days and the other social media sites are probably partly to blame. it's blog or nothing for me if that means the ROM blog will become defunct eventually like the SS one is more or less then so be it. but even a defunct blog can still be a lasting testament or legacy as it were to the work you did for people to go to for all time kinda like a box of back issues in your closet. but a fucken defunct farcebook or twit account it just fades away into complete obscurity in a short time.

Dale Bagwell said...

Very true, man, very, very true.
I feel a lot better after getting all that shit off and chest, and actually I've been pretty busy lately writing/typing down future blog ideas, so until I dry up, I'm here for the long haul.

I figure yeah, get everything I'eve ever wanted to see or showcase, and then leave when I'm done. I also figure as far as full-time goes, this would be the last for that, and then sporadically/when the fuck ever after that.

Thanks again for the advise and for adding your unique viewpoint on this.
Very much appreciate it Shlomo.
And yes if nothing else, like some of the blogs form the not-so-distant past I too once followed but then went away, I'll more than likely leave this up for people to discover by random and hopefully will get some use from my ideas.

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