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Dream Waves: Asgardian Marvel Legends Waves

Happy Hump Day Everybody!!!!!

So I've been thinking a lot about marvel Legends figures, and how even with all the many waves coming out, there's still a lot of characters that haven't been made yet that should.

This week I'm showcasing my wishlist for a ML wave dedicated to Thor's people, the Asgardians.
I've broken it down into 2 waves so far, with the most important characters included. Might tackle it again if I think of anyone else.

ML Asgardian Wave 1:

1). Lady Sif

How Thor's one-time main squeeze hasn't been made yet, especially after her cinematic and television appearances I don't know, but she's way past overdue for a figure, don't you think?

2). Balder The Brave

A wave about Asgardians wouldn't be complete without one of its one-time rulers and brother of Thor, Balder the Brave. Let's see one huh Hasbro?

3). Hogun The Grim

If done right, you could really could a bad-ass Hogun figure every bit as grim and bad-ass as the Asgardian himself. DO IT HASBRO!!!!!

4). Fandral

The dashing Fandral's due a figure in his own likeness to look at all day, and maybe one day he will.

5). Volstagg

Volstagg rounds out (no pun intended) the rest of the Warriors Three, so you'd have that set easily completed. I guess if they really wanted to make him huge, he could just as easily be a BAF as well.

6). Hemidal

Who wouldn't want to own the gatekeeper of Asgard and the Rainbow Bridge right?

7). Malekith

If only the movie had this version of him. Oh well, no excuse not to go with this version for the figure though.

BAF: Surtur

The big bad in a lot of Thor stories, this would be the one of THE main Thor villains worth making later down for the line for a future Marvel Legends wave. Has to be.

ML Asgardian Wave 2:

1). The Enchantress

It's absolutely fucking criminal we don't have an Amora the enchantress figure! Simply fucking criminal! Hell, at the very list they could probably just reuse the newer Scarlet Witch figure. If they want to be lazy and cut cost that is.

2).  Skurge, The Executioner

And you gotta' have Amora's main muscle, Skruge the Executioner. I can only imagine how bad-ass they could make a figure of him look. Here's some examples of how he should look, because she should be big and bulky:

3). Classic Loki

Sure we already have a Loki figure, but this would still be a nice addition to have, seeing as you'll have the classic, vintage Loki figure to harass the rest of the figures on your shelf.

Here's what it could look like:

4). Thunderstrike

This pick's defintiely a 90's nostalgic pick, but very worth Hasbro making. They already made one in the 3-inch MU scale, now it's time to put out one in the ML line.

5). Red Norvell Thor 

I know, I know, "This guy!? Really!?"

Yes this guy, really. Red Norvell was once hand-picked by Odin himself to become Thor, so as to both teach Thor another life lesson, but also more importantly, to save his son's life should Ragnarok ever come and permanently end the lives of the Norse Gods as is prophesied.

It's also a unique look I feel, to warrant a figure, especially one to help pad out a wave. If nothing else, it's a fun novelty item. Just don't tell Red that;)

6). Ulik

Here's another longtime Thor villain that's past overdue for a figure, Ulik the rock troll. He could just as easily be a BAF figure considering his size, so that's always an option as well. Plus there's always one in the 3-inc MU line, so there's at least precedence on his side.

7). Current She-Thor

While this latest and current female version of Thor really isn't my preferred cup of tea, if done well, this figure could prove worthy to find a place on my toy shelf. Otherwise I'm sure there's no shortage of fans would snatch her up in a New York minute.

BAF:  Odin The Destroyer

There's supposed to be a new MS Odin figure being released soon with Odin wearing the infamous Destroyer armor. That'd equally make a very sweet ML BAF too I do believe.

That's just what I could come up with off the top of my head.
If you could plan out an Asgardian-only wave of figures, what would yours look like?

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