Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Daddy's Home.....

Happy Hump Day Kids!!!!

A week.

A week, stolen from me...... a simple, goddamn 99 cent bag of salad mix.....

That's right kids, your dear ol' Mr. Morbid was laid low with an extreme form of food poisoning
and all due to this harmless little common grocery store item:

Fuckery, ladies and gentlemen, sheer fuckery at it's best, or in my case, worse.

I'm much better now, but trust me, it's been a frustratingly long road, seeing as I went almost a week without being able to keep down any solid food whatsoever, and barely any liquids.

But, as I said, daddy's back.....and there's gonna' be some changes going on around here.

More on all that later, but I've had plenty of time to rethink my whole approach to this blog and the sorts of creative ideas I want to start to realize around here. Really make the Morbid in Mr. Morbid's house of fun mean something for a change.

Oh and plenty of Doom Patrol love.

They really don't get enough these days do they?

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