Friday, July 29, 2016

Fantasy Team-Up: Hawkman and Moon Knight


Haven't done this one in awhile, but here's another edition of Fantasy Team-Up, where I pair together two individuals or teams that haven't ever teamed up before, but probably should.

My dream pairing for today is Hawkman and Moon Knight, two individual super heroes who at first might seem like they'd have anything in common, until you really stop and think about their histories. Then it all makes sense.

Let's look at their main similarities for a second shall we?

-They both worship known Egyptian deities: Hawkman in a sense with Horus, Moon Knight with Khonshu.

-They both have had past lives and rebirths/reincarnations.

-They have both had multiple personalities.

-They're both well-seasoned fighters with multiple lifetimes' worth of combat experience and weapons training between them.

-Both were past members of major franchise teams for their respective companies: Hawkman for the JLA; Moon Knight for the Avengers.

-Both have a relaxed policy on killing. They prefer not to head that way if necessary, but also don't have any qualms about doing it.

-They both are capable of having superhuman strength depending on certain factors: For hawkman, it's his Nth metal harness; for Moon Knight, it's the phases of the moon and Khonshu.

There's many more, but you get the general idea.

So, in my scenario, Moon Knight and Hawkman team-up for fight one of Hawkman's oldest enemies, Hath-Set.

Set has a past with Moon Knight as well due his interactions in the far past with the Moon God Khonshu.
Let's say Set killed a former disciple of Khonshu's back in the day. Khonshu finally wants vengeance and uses Marc to do to carry that vengeance out for him. He also runs into Carter. They have the obligatory fight before realizing they're there to fight the same guy,


Honestly, if you know the character's histories very well, getting them to team up should requite no real effort to dream up why they would team up in the first place.

That's me for this week.
Have a good and safe weekend people....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Those two Hawkman images are nothing short of stunning I actually have the issue that the bottom image is the cover art to.

Dale Bagwell said...

Aren't they tho? Yeah the bottom one by Adam Kubert, is a sheer beast. Definitely not his daddy's Hawkman.

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