Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dream Waves: The Age Of Apocalypse

Happy Hump Day....

Welcome to another edition of Dream Waves, where I showoff my ideas for possible waves of figures, be it Marvel, DC, or any other company.

This week I'm focusing on on a possible wave of marvel Legends figures based off the very popular 90's storyline, The Age of Apocalypse, where thanks to ill-fated actions of a time-traveling Legion, Prof. X is killed before he can form the X-Men and Apocalypse takes over the world.

Well after much thinking, I've got enough character suggestions to justify 3 waves' worth of AoA figures I'd like to see be made.

Here they are......

-Age Of Apocalypse Wave 1:

1). AoA Cyclops
1st look:

And here's his 2nd look:

2). AoA Jean Grey

3). AoA Rogue
Here's her 1st AoA look:

And this is her 2nd:

4). AoA Blink

I've been wanting a figure of Blink for YEARS!!!! It's way past time she got her own ML figure.

5). AoA Dark Beast

6). AoA Nightcrawler
Here's his original AoA look:

And this is the X-Force costume he wore when he temporarily was stranded in the main MU:

7). AoA Magneto

BAF: AoA Apocalypse

-Age of Apocalypse Wave 2:

1). Legion

2). AoA X-Man

And if they wanted to, even though it's not an official AoA look, here's his Revolution X look from the late 90's:

3). AoA Storm

4). AoA Quicksilver

1st look:

2nd look:

5). AoA Banshee

6). AoA Dazzler

1st look:

2nd look:

7). AoA Shadowcat

BAF: AoA Colossus

It's only fitting that the big metal bastard that he was get his own BAF. That and it rounds off the wave with a member of the main cast.

-Age of Apocalypse Wave 3:

1). AoA Morph

2). AoA Gambit

3). AoA Iceman

4). AoA Mr. Sinister

5). AoA Wildchild

6). AoA Havok

7). AoA Chamber

BAF: AoA Sugar Man


And here's proof that if they made him before, they can make him again:

Those are my waves, but I imagine you could probably squeeze out about two to complete the whole cast of main characters and teams.

This is my list, what would yours look like if you could design your own AoA wave?

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