Thursday, November 19, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Question VS. The Answer


Been on a bit of a spending spree online on Amazon lately.
First I bought a Marvel Select Venom figure,who to me, is THE default Venom figure currently out there on the market.

And yes he comes with all you see here, the multiple heads, hands, and Madness Venom "backpack" snap-on accessory. He's about 7-inches tall, so he'll appropriately tower over my Spider-Man figures.

Then I ordered a Joker figure from the DC Collectibles B:TAS line of figures.

He comes with all you see here, leaping straight out of that one episode with Captain Clown,
The Last Laugh. has several reviews of certain figures from this line and the New Adventures of Batman animated line as well if you're interested in checking them out.
I doubt I'll buy all of the figures from those lines, but I do have my eye on a few, like the Batman one, Robin, Mr. Freeze, and maybe the Man-Bat. 

Then I ordered a loose DCUC Copperhead from Amazon.

Can't wait to finally cross him off my list, since he's a pretty cool figure. 

Then I just ordered the new DC Icons Batman figure, so I can't wait to get him as well.

He comes with everything you see here, and is a tad smaller compared to DCUC and Marvel Legend, that often measure out to 6 and quarter to 6 and 3-quarter inches in height. 
These figures are exactly 6 inches though, so it'll look kinda' funny standing next to my other Batman figures on my shelf.

And now onto this week's edition of So, Who Would Win? as I pit what has to be the two most obvious and serendipitously-named opponents against each other, as I pit the Question against The Answer.

On one hand, you have Vic Sage, The Question. He's a just your average DC vigilante with a false-face mask as his main gimmick.

On the other, you have the Answer. He's a villain with the ability to adapt and counteract any form of attack against him with a particular super power/ability that will cancel out said attack.
So for example if the situation calls for it, he can demonstrate the ability to shoot fire from his hands, flight, and basically any power or ability he needs according to that specific situation.
Now he has to study and access the situation beforehand in order to pick the appropriate response or "answer" to the current problem, but once he does, for the span of about five minutes, he can cause his opponent all sorts of trouble.
Think of him like being the super-powered equivalent of the old DC villain, the Calculator, and you get the idea.

Oh, and thanks to the specially designed body armor he wears, he's basically like former mob boss John Gotti, the "Teflon Don", because nothing can stick to him.

So there you go, a man who eternally seeks the truth and answers, against the guy who's a living answer/response to any attack against him.


The Question


The Answer

Who Wins and Why?

That's me for this week. Hope you guys have a good weekend.
Next week comes Thanksgiving, and to celebrate, I'll be showcasing one of my favorite bird-themed characters,  Hawkman, with a Hawkman-themed week.
Tune in folks.......


googum said...

Oh, the Question, eventually. Since he's just a guy, the Answer feels like he has plenty of answers for him; but Q can take a punch to the face like nobody's business.

(Could the Answer counter kung-fu? I vaguely remember his early appearances, but thought he was written out kind of quickly.)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: Shit, Oh boy can he! Between Lady Shiva and then Luthor in JLU, the Q-man really can take a fucking beating. So yeah, I'm sure the Question would eventually win out.
Good question(no pun intended) on whether or not his powers extent to countering natural fighting abilities. I forgot to mention that the first guy to call himself the Answer(yes, there was actually two of them) was a professional hitman for Hydra. The second is a former SHIELD agent, but I'm mostly focusing on the first guy. So yeah, if he can't use his powers in this one, he at least has his fighting skills as a hitman to use. Then again, considering he couldn't out-punch Spider-Man, he probably shouldn't rely on said "skills" that much.

Thx for weighing in though man.

Dale Bagwell said...

I still wouldn't mind, finding that one issue of the Question, The Question#26, where he runs into the Riddler and fucks his world up not so much with his fists, but the with a constant barrage of existential and deeply philosophical questions.

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