Tuesday, November 03, 2015

A Kraven Off The Old Block

The End

Sounds legit;)


googum said...

I'm seriously torn, man: new Kraven looks so badass, but old Kraven was trippin' balls crazy. And how many kids did Kraven have, anyway? And how? Aside from harassing Tigra one time, I'm not sure he was in the same panel as a woman for like thirty years.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: I believe he had a fling with 90's Spidey villain,Calypso. Apparently they had a brief "relationship", but it probably was more like it that he hit and quit, but she caught feelings. Eh, who knows.

Then there's his wife Anya, and who knows how that who Kravinoff dynasty things works since it was really just created out of thin air by Slott.

But yeah, I'm digging the new Kraven figure for how more modern and badass that costume looks. If it helps make you feel better, I saw someone just swap the new Kraven head with the OG Kraven head, thus giving you the ULTIMATE KRAVEN FIGUUUUUUURE.

Oh, and a good friend of mine on FB recently pointed out how much like Preacher actor Dominic Cooper looks like the new kraven figure. He's not wrong. I can see it.

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