Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Hawkman and Indiana Jones

Just though of this dream team-up yesterday while figuring out what to for these non-skit feature posts.

And then it hit me; Indiana Jones would be a pretty logical pairing with Hawkman.
After all, and this is the main selling point, they're both archaeologists ( well the Golden Age and Silver Age versions sure were).
The bonus to all this, being that Indy's prime years were right up and during WW2, which also just so happens to coincide with being prime years of  the Golden Age of comics.

So, here's my scenario for how those two would meet......

Going off a tip from a fellow colleague, Indy travels to Egypt to find the fabled and very lost Eye of Horus.

Its there that he runs into an old professional rival, by the name of Carter Hall.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Carter Hall, you old dog."
"Indy? Indiana Jones, is that really you old boy?"

"Been a long time Carter, but not too long."
"Indeed old friend, indeed it has."

After exchanging pleasantries, they both reveal why they're both there; to locate the Eye of Horus.
Of course both men have very different reasons for finding it; Indy wants to find it and but it in a museum, in particular, the Smithsonian, while Carter wants to find it to keep it out of the hands of Nazis, who intend to use it for their occult practices.

And so the adventure goes, Hawkman and Indiana Jones in Egypt, together against an entire Nazi battalion.

How would Indy deal with seeing a costumed hero like Hawkman? And how would he react to finding out that his old rival Carter Hall was Hawkman?

What you think? Sounds like fun huh?

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