Monday, November 23, 2015


What's up people?
Have a good weekend?

Mine was pretty damn good.

If you remember from my last post I ordered a lot of figures off Amazon, and by Saturday, they all came, two of them arriving way earlier than expected. But hey, you'll never catch me complaining about that.

The awesomeness that is the Marvel Select Venom showed up Saturday, while my DC Icons Batman showed up on Friday.

Love 'em both!

Venom is good bit over 7 inches and man is he an absolute beast or what? He effortlessly towers over my other ML figures, especially Spider-Man, as he rightfully should.

I love the fact that he comes multiple heads(3 in total) and multiple hands. Plus that Madness "Back Pack" accessory can also use and display the extra hands and heads nicely.

The new DC Icons Batman is pretty damn cool as well. Outside of the obvious and immediate minor scaling issue( He looks a little on the small side to be 6 inches) and a lack of a waist and thigh swivel, he's still very much worth getting if you're a huge Batman fan like I am.
Again, I know folks quickly soured on the lack of direct size proportion to the previous DCUC line of figures that the DC Icons line is supposedly replacing, but don't let that cause you to overlook these figures. They still sport the the level articulation we're used to( well, mostly anyways) and come packed with accessories that we were by and large criminally denied in the DCUC line.

I'm getting the Deadman DC Icons figure later this week, and other than next year's Firestorm and Hal Jordan GL offerings, I think I'll sit back and see how the line progresses from here, but not bad so far.

Still haven't opened that B:TAS Joker figure yet though. I'm gonna do it later today, but I'm so fucking scared his legs or other body parts are gonna' just break off on me. Results definitely vary from owner to owner, so I have no definite idea what's going to happen to me.
I'll update you guys how it turned out for me in the end.

And now onto the first of this week's new skits.
In honor of this being the week that Thanksgiving fall on, all week long I'll hosting a Hawkman-themed series of skits and posts, 'cause why not? He's a famous bird(man) right?

Cool. And now onto today's skit, that both asks and answers a popular question regarding Hawkman, or at least it should be a popular question.....

The End

Well kids, what did we learn today?
Don't ask questions you really don't want the answers to, and Hawkman's fucking savage;)

There's plenty more of him to go around all this week people, so stay tuned.

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