Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Captain America and Captain Atom

Happy Hump Day People!!!!

For this week's edition of Fantasy Team-Up, I figured I'd feature two well-known comic book Captains, Captain America and Captain America.
Now on the surface visually and powers-wise, they're both very different.

But if you know you're comic history, you'll know both men were enlisted soldiers for the US Government, and both have had bad their fair share of problems with time; Cap was basically frozen in it, waking up 20 years later, and Captain Atom once absorbs so much quantum energy, he jumped ahead 20 years into the future.

For this scenario, Captain Atom basically does the same thing, and is forced to absorb an incredible amount of quantum energy and radiation.

In doing this, he winds up blowing himself up, and travelling not forward in time.....but backwards.

He lands in Berlin, Germany circa 1944, and the fighting between the Allies and the Nazi's is fiercely intense, with no end in sight.

Captain Atom hurls towards Earth in a fiery cocoon of energy, appearing like a shooting star to nearby observers, right in the middle of a hellish battle between Allied and Nazi soldiers.

Both Nazi and Allied troops hurry to the sight, and are shocked and astonished to find a human-like survivor amidst the wreckage and debris.

Emerging from the still-steaming crater is a very confused slightly amnesiac Captain Atom.
Nazi soldiers fire first out of paranoia, knocking Atom down, but not killing him.

A whole squadron of Nazi and SS troops descend and surround the dazed Captain, preparing to firing once again on him.

And then of all of a sudden a familiar whirling dervish of an object breaks up the human barrage of gunfire, giving Atom time to breath.

"Just couldn't help yourselves could you? Ganging up on one man like that, hoping your superior numbers and brute force would give you victory?" "Typical ratzi thinking right there Cap. No wonder they'll never win." "Exactly Buck. Let's show these cowards what REAL American brute force is all about shall we."

Captain America and Bucky single-handedly take out the entire Nazi squadron, and all in under single minute.

"Not bad Cap, and all in under a minute too. Some Master Race they are."

"Oh I'm sure they'll keep trying Bucky, not that'll do them any good."

Cap grabs the dazed Captain Atom and helps him to his feet. "On your feet soldier. No sense in lying down when there's plenty to do and only so much time to do it."

Gradually coming to his senses, but still not all the way there, Captain Atom is shaken out of his stupor by Captain America's steely blue eyes. So stern and determined are they, that they fill Atom with a renewed vigor to fight just whatever it was that attacked him.

All three men go off in the direction of the nearest Nazi base, in an attempt to send it crashing down around the ears of the evil men that built it.

All three of them, Captain America, Bucky, and Captain Atom.....

At least that's one way of how I see that team up happening.
What you guys think?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I always thought it was hella funny when K.o.T used to call Captain Atom "nobody's favorite superhero" in his videos.

Dale Bagwell said...

He still kinda' is isn't he? And where the hell is K.o.T these days? I miss that crazy bastard something awful:(

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