Thursday, September 24, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Question VS. The Chameleon


Finishing out the week with the latest edition of So, Who Would Win? with natural bout between two sons of Ditko, Steve Ditko that is, as I pit the Question against the Chameleon.

I say natural, because visually and to an extent conceptually, these two seem like natural enemies to me.

On one hand you have Vic Sage, a.k.a. The Question, who's main gimmick as a character and superhero is being able to disguise himself using a special chemical process that renders his face blank. Like the old Dick Tracy villain the Blank-blank.

On the other, you have a guy like Dmitri Anatoly Smerdyakov Kravinoff ( Try saying that fives times fast. I dare ya') a.k.a. The Chameleon, who's main gimmick is to disguise himself as anyone he chooses to be.

Like I said, sounds like these two would be natural enemies given their shared gimmick.

Now of course I realize there's really no way the Chameleon would and could conceivably come out on top of all this, but man, imagine the fun mind games a guy like the Chameleon would have with ol' Vic. Especially considering its not hard to imagine him using the Question's particular featureless look against him. Hell, the amount of confusion alone amongst the general public and local law enforcement would be enough to give the Chameleon a slight edge temporarily.

Emphasis on the word temporary, as Sage's best bud, Professor Aristotle Rodor would no doubt come up with some sort of gadget or chemical agent to help counter that edge.

But shit man, just the sheer visuals out of all this would be worth the price of admission alone.

Isn't that right Chamey?


The Question


The Chameleon

Who Would Win and Why?(other than the scenario I just laid out)

Hope wherever you guys and gals are, you all have a good and safe weekend.....

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