Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Firestorm and Nova

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

So some bad news. My usually trusty laptop crapped out on me, and now I'm using my backup, which is also on the shitty side, since I can't upload the skit pics I took to work on.
So it looks like no new skits this week. Sorry. But you know who does?

This guy: Googum
Every Wednesday, and sometimes twice a week Googum puts out new skits. Right now he's alternating between two sagas; Deadpool and Nightcrawler in spaaaaaaaaaaacccccceeeee, and the Black Cat and Satana, who seem to be unofficial house-sitters while 'Pool and Kurt are away.

Do yourself a favor, and check 'em out, especially while skit-wise I'm outta' commission.

In the meantime, here's some food for thought in the form of this week's Fantasy Team-Up.

Inspired by some comments on Dan's blog, I got thinking about today's pairing of DC's Firestorm and Marvel's Nova.

At first it might not seem like they have a lot in common or even would go together at all, but I say thee nay!

It's been often commented by others that Firestorm is really a Marvel character stuck in the DC Universe. And you know what? I gotta' agree.

Creators Gerry Conway and Al Migrom are usually associated with marvel comics, since that's where they spent the bulk of their careers. And its not surprising that Conway was/is a big Spider-Man fan(probably in large part because he spent a good few years writing his adventures).

I believe the fact that Firestorm was an analogue for Spider-Man was intentional on Conway's part.
He was a young teenager involved in a science accident that granted him powers that great powers that came with great responsibility. Sound familiar?

While his parents were still alive, he did have an Uncle Ben of sorts, albeit one seemingly permanently stuck in his head to give him that sage advice he so needed in his early years as a hero.

Then there's Nova.

Created by Marv Wolfman and Rich Buckler, Nova was intended to be another young hero in the same vein as Spider-Man. Try as they might, he never reached the same heights of popularity as the wall-crawler, but he's done alright for himself over the years, especially now that he's been replaced a new Nova, Sam Alexander. Love him or hate him, but Marvel thinks he captures the youthful spirit of Spider-Man more than his predecessor Rich Rider, the first Nova.

I personally feel a team-up between the two is a no-brainer.

Not only do they have a lot in common, especially the meta-connection with Spider-Man.
So why not pair 'em together and have 'em go nuts on whoever's the big bad forcing them to team up.

As for who the big bad(s) could be.....

How about Nova's old foe, the Sphinx?

With his insatiable lust for power and attempts to re-create the biblical age of Egypt, he sounds like a good candidate.

On Firestorm's end, I guess Killer Frost makes the most sense since she's usually the top main rogue in his limited rogue's gallery.

No matter who they team-up against, be it new foes or old, it'd be a hell of a team-up.
Just don't ask Alex Ross to draw the cover;)


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i never thought of it until now how similar Rich and Ronnie's personalities were that alone would make for a good team up. i'd buy that for a dollar.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I know right? They have a lot in common, especially as high school jocks and how they were expected to duplicate the teenage hero everyman concept that made Spider-Man so successful.

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