Monday, September 14, 2015

"Flu Me, Flu You"

Thanks to my girlfriend letting me use her laptop while mine's in the shop, I'm finally able to present for you guys at least one new skit this month. I know its been awhile, and trust me, I've been just as frustrated as you that there hasn't been one shown here in two weeks, but here it is. A new skit.

I'll have others worked up soon enough hopefully this week, but for now here's a little something to tide you guys over in the meantime featuring two of my favorite DC Characters, The Creeper and Animal Man.....

The End

Creeper's kinda' got a point there....if you really didn't know how AM's powers worked.
Of course we all know that's not the case, but hey, why not, right?

I plan on doing a nice little series of skits where I(using the Creeper as my mouthpiece) ask a bunch of question we've probably all asked ourselves at least a few times, like this one for example.
 Be honest, you know you have;)

Today's skit title is a riff off the beloved Lionel Richie song, "Say You, Say Me" But probably not anymore after this sees print;)

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