Thursday, September 17, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Iron Man VS. Lex Luthor


Got my swag on pretty hard yesterday.
Ok, maybe not hard, but I did buy three action figures, with there being at least 8 hours separating them apart.... Meaning I made two separate trips to the same store..... In the same day.....At the same unholy corporate spawn of Satan, Wal-Mart.....

First I bought that Superior Venom I had my eye on(and to be fair there was only one left) and Valkyrie. I struggled mightily with that last one, as I really wanted the Tundra figure too. I convinced myself she'd be there later, and went about purchasing the other two.

Then that overwhelming phenomenon that is the Plastic Crack Addiction hit me harder than the the tree that killed Sonny Bono(*Credit to the sexual stud-muffin Joel Gertner for that one) and I went back to Wally World and bought Tundra.

In my defense, I really wanted to build that huge Hulk-Buster figure, and I'm only one figure away from achieving that goal. But alas I have to buy that fucking ugly new Vision figure to do it.


Well, its the first time I was forced to buy figures I didn't want just to complete a build-a-figure.
Looks like this'll be another case of that.


Plus I'm only two figures away from finishing that kick-ass Rhino BAF, having to buy the ugly original Scarlet Spider figure( He comes with the two Rhino heads, but now my Wal-mart doesn't have him) and either Misty Knight( sadly she comes with a bad case of derp eyes) or the White Tiger.

I guess play Misty for me?

But enough about all that, today we're focusing on this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, and today's combatants Iron Man and Lex Luthor.

Yessir, its a battle of the billionaires, as Tony Stark and Lex Luthor duke it out to see who's the richest, smartest, and most resourceful bastard out of two comic universes.

Initially there wasn't much separating these two in the personality and ego department, until that fateful day where Tony had a change of heart after almost literally losing his heart in an ironic twist of fate.

After that, Tony decided to mend his ways(sorta) and became more altruistic. So much so that he helped found and fund Earth's mightiest heroes, the Avengers.

Of course of over the years old Tony's reared his ugly head, manifesting itself in alcohol addiction during Civil War and during Axis, when he became the "Superior Iron Man."

But overall, he's still a generally good guy.

Lex Luthor on the other hand has always been a bastard, spending his life and riches in futile attempt after futile attempt to kill Superman ever since he showed up in Metropolis and stole his thunder.

Lex has recently joined the Justice League after the events of Forever Evil, in which he helped save the world from the latest incarnation of the CSA.
I still don't get that one myself, but Geoff Johns apparently has a hard-on for ol' Lex, and figured it'd be fun for Lex to join the same team he's spent almost just as much time destroying as he has Superman.

Whether or not he'll continue to still be a JL member after the events of the Anti-Monitor/Darkseid War has yet to be seen, but as long as Johns is still writing the book, it'll probably stay that way for now.

So, what would a fight between these two rich ego-maniacs look like?
Well for me logically, it'd take place on two fields; the boardroom and the battlefield.

Luthor would try any number of legal and illegal ways to ruin Stark and take over his company, as so many have already tried.

Much like his MU twin, Obadiah Stane, Luthor would probably try to use Tony's past against him, most notably his alcoholism in attempt to put him down permanently.

Plus there;s his numerous inventions and resources.

Stark, just as he usually does, would be forced to build a bigger and better suit of armor, and pull himself out of whatever quagmire Luthor put him in.


Iron Man


Lex Luthor

Who Would Win and Why?

As usual, I welcome your thoughts on who'd be the last billionaire standing after this one's all said and done.

Have a good weekend folks......

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