Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: War Machine and Cyborg

You don't really have to think about this match-up too much, but if you do, you're thinking too hard because this is just another one of those no-brainers.

-Both are strong black heroes
-Both are positive role models.
-Both men seem to really love hardware, especially the kind you can wear.
-Both men have plenty of heart, courage, and character.
-Both men have moved up from being traditionally regarded as second-tier heroes to top-tier spots:
Cyborg finally graduated from the Teen Titans to the Justice League; War Machine was an Avenger.

Also, Cyborg used to team with a bunch of sidekicks, while Rhodey was essentially Iron Man's sidekick(of sorts)

Both of these men are time-tested veterans who've seen it all and done it all, yet haven't gotten jaded to the super-hero game.

One can only imagine the sheer firepower these two would unleash on whoever was dumb enough to pick a fight with either of these two men, let alone both of them at the same time.

I also think these two men would be smart enough to resist going the way of traditional team-ups by fighting first, then teaming up second.

Not here, not this time.

I believe whatever the circumstances that would pair these two up, these men would not only buck tradition, but put on a hell of show for the readers.

What's interesting to note is the small differences they have.
-Rhodey was a former soldier, while Vic was a former star athelete.
-Rhodey used to be cyborg; half-man, half-machine, but then got better and regained his normal human body. Unfortunately Cyborg almost had that, only to become even more machine-like over the years, and even more recently in the NU52 continuity after being killed and coming back more machine than ever before.

War Machine and Cyborg.....brothers from another mother, armored from head to toe and ready to go.

Just point them in the direction of the big bad(s) and let 'em do their thing.


I had to do it. I broke down and bought the newest version of War Machine, the new ML Hulk-buster Wave War Machine figure.

He looks great for being a mostly repainted Iron Patriot figure, but he does comes with a half-raised visor alternative head which features the Don Cheadle version.

Hey, in his defense, he really does make it look good;)

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