Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What The Fuck Were They Thinking!?: Maggott

Happy Hump Day

So, if you've noticed by reading the title to today's post, today I'll be briefly talking about one of the most oddest and definitely one of the least favorite additions to the X-Men roster in years, Maggott.

Thx to Shlomo BTW, for the timely suggestion;)


Created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Maduiera, Maggott's weird, blue-skinned as debuted in Uncanny X-Men#345(Vol.1) (Jun '97).

Right from the start, you knew he was misfit among the more normal-looking members of the X-Men.
I mean, he had those two slug creatures always around him, but then you find out why, and you're like "His mutant power is what!?"

Yeah, it turns out, those two slugs of his named Eeny and Meeny, are physical, sentient manifiestations of his digestive track.

Basically, they go out and eat whatever they want(like goats) and then come back, slip right back into his stomach, and that's how he gets his nutrients/food to survive.

Yeah, not exactly a super-handy mutant "power" to have while in a fight.
I mean, what's he going to do? Sic his digestive tract on the bad guys?

Uh yeah, no.

His only claim to fame upon his introduction, was having been saved by Magneto when he was a young boy in his native home of South Africa. Mags was nice enough to tell him he was a mutant, and even how to function/deal with his unique digestive issues.

Which goes to show you, Magneto really does love his fellow mutant man/woman, and hates us humans enough to save the life of a mutant garbage disposal and his two stomachs. Thx Magnus. Fucker.

He soon grew up, left his home, and journeyed to the states so that it'd be convienent to run into the X-Men at some point in time, and sucker them into letting him join.

Seriously, as far as new recurits go, the late 90's was not a good portion of that particular decade when it came to the new X-Men.

Celila Reyes was the probably the only one other than Cannonball worth a damn due to her medical training background, otherwise you had Marrow, Reyes, Cannonball and Maggot.

What was that the sound we all heard back then?
Oh yeah, that was the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scrapped.

Maggott stayed on the team for exactly as long as it takes to you to finish a cup of coffeer, and then he was demoted and told to go join Generation X.

That didn't last that much longer either.

Then we find out Maggott's the guest of a lovely little place called "Neverland."
No, not Michael Jackson's love/rape-nest. but a concentration camp belonging to Weapon X.

It's there where he's killed off.
And despite being a former X-Men, none of his former teammates really avenge him.

I know he has one of the dumbest super-powers around, but the poor guy at least deserved better than that fate.

Be that as it may, that's how Maggott ultimately ended up.
Seriously Scott Lobdell....WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?


The King of Thessaly said...


He sucked.

I never cared for Marrow either.

This is around the time, well- slightly before this even, that I just gave up on the X-titles. None of the newer characters they were trying to introduce clicked with me.

Yeah, stick with these guys- and stay away from my Spider-Man comics!

Dale Bagwell said...

Me neither. He was huge waste of space and roster space.

Marrow had some,some redeeming qualities about her, in that she was supposed to be like early Wolverine; the type of character to instantly rub her teammates the wrong way, be combataiv and argumentative, and just be a plain bitch.....then mellow out a bit...She kinda' did that, but just never caught on. Takes a certain type of writer I;m sure, to see the hidden value in a character.

Not her too much, and for damn sure not Maggott...or Dr. Celia Reyes either. Sure she was a doctor, but her attitude stunk , and never seemed to improve. She was always just kinda forced to fight with them, but never a true member of the team.

Just a bad, bad period for them and so many other Marvel characters at the time.

The King of Thessaly said...

Well- you just gave me way more information on this waste than I ever knew with this post... I'm not sure if I should thank you for that.

Dale Bagwell said...

I won't stop if you if you want to;)
Otherwise, blame Shlomo;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

a few months ago i bought a few X-Men issues from that era in a back issue discount box. i was mostly looking for stuff with Sabra but came along this Maggot origin issue. his mutant "power" didn't make any fucken sense to me and in another issue you see Sabra do a casual round house kick to his worms and then puts him down with one punch to the gut. as for Marrow i know she's something of a Wolverine rip off and some what one dimensional from what i can see but at the same time i kinda like her because her powers are interesting. it's kinda like with Rogue where you have this power but at the same time it really fucks with the quality of your life as opposed to mutants like Storm who have a cool power but can also blend in with every day homo sapiens when she needs to.

Dale Bagwell said...

Marrow had/has potential. She was indeed like Wolverine, in that she was the wild, uncontrollable wild card that bucked against the system and any authority not represented by the Morlocks.
You kinda' see why she's so onery and mean, and you'd be too if you were in constant pain everytime you had to pull out a sharp bone.
She needed better writers to handle her, but yeah, she could've been better written, designed, everything.

The King of Thessaly said...

-I was so happy when Storm ripped out her heart.

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