Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Talking Body"

Because that song always gets stuck in my head.....

The End

And just in case you haven't heard this one yet.....

So who watched Arrow last night?
*Quick Spoilers*

In another damn fine episode, Ollie and Team Ollie take his techinally dead sister Thea to Nanda Parbat in order to dip her in the Lazerus Pit. Malcom doesn't like the idea, but is out-voted, and so they all go.

Once there, Ollie tells Ra's he'll be his heir once Thea's fixed and his friends and loved ones are left alone.
Ra's agrees and so it's done.
Thea gets healedbut then goes temporarly nuts(as is the expected result of bathing in the pit) and after a very poignant converastaion bewteen Felicity and Ra's, she and Ollie finally fuck after professing their love for each other.
A big yay there for sure. The Felicity drugs ollie, as she and Team Arrow try to escape out the back door with Ollie.
They get caight nayways, and just as shit looks bad, Ollie wakes up and orders the League to stand down.
They do, and Ollie forces Team Arrow to go back home empty-handed.

As I said, another damn fine episode. With so many really good, solid episodes this season, I'm calling Season 3 as the best overall season of Arrow ever. But that's just me.

Still 3 more episodes to go before the season finale, and damn I can't wait to see how the writers chose to end this season. Especially since Ollie seems to being going all-in on becoming Ra's heir. After all, he got branded with his Arrow symbol, and next week faces his friends in particularly hairy situation where he maybe forced to kill Diggle. Hmmmm.

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