Thursday, April 16, 2015

So, Who Would Win!?:Criminal Syndicate of Amerika VS. Squadron Supreme(Classic)


Hell of an ending to last night's episode of Arrow.
Did not see that twist at the end. BOTH of them.


With Roy in prison, and no chance of getting out anytime soon, he, unbeknowst to Ollie, along with Team Arrow, faked his death in prison.

By doing this, Ollie is now free to be the Arrow w/o reprisal by the cops....for now.
Where Roy goes from here I have no idea. I think there's supposed to be a new team-up show, much like the Brave and the Bold, and if so, I can easily see Roy showing up there next.

Poor Thea though.
Sure Roy told Ollie to let her know he ws okay, but then what?

And before that particualr question gets played out, Ra's shows up at Thea's appartment and seemingly kills her.

Double cliffhanger right?
I have to say, these last few episodes have all been seasin finale-worthy, so I'm damn curious as to what the actual season finale winds up being.

Onto this week's edition of So, Who Would Win, and this week's participants,
namely the Criminal Syndicate of Amerika and The Squadron Supreme.

It's not like I need an excuse before to mix and match heroes and villains from different companies, but thanks to Secret Wars and Convergance, I have something to blame all that on;)

And what hell of a match up right?

For this one, I'm pitting the NU52 versions of the CSA against the classic 1985 versions of the Squadron Supreme.

Yeah, most people probably didn't care for the new costumes and more agressive attitude of the NU52 version of the CSA, but I dig 'em.

For the Squadron, I preferred the classic versions to contrast with the more modern and edgier CSA.
Sure I could've used the Marvel MAX/Supremeverse versions, and I may later down the line, but the classic lineup seemed the more interesting way to go.

The CSA's roster for this one is as follows:

-Johnny Quick
-Power Ring

as well as the three newer additions, Grid, Atomica, and Deathstorm.

The Squadron's roster will look like this:

-Power Woman
-The Whizzer
-Dr, Spectrum
-Golden Archer
-Lady Lark

Sure there's more members of the team, but since the CSA only has 8 members, fair's fair, and now so do the Squadron.

And hey, who hasn't fantazied a lot about a matchup between the top two opposites/analogues for the Justice League.


The Criminal Syndicate Of Amerika


The Squadron Supreme

Who Wins and Why?
Give me your picks in the comments' section.

Have good one people.....


googum said...

The classic Squadron, but only if they're mind-controlled and out of their home dimension. Their win-loss record is surprisingly lopsided then...

Dale Bagwell said...

But what if they're in the CSA's world where evil always wins? I guess they might still win if brainwashed as you say;)

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