Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Top Ten: Marvel Legends BAF Figures We Should've Gotten By Now

Whilst out on the ever-vigilant lookout for the ML Thanos Wave BAF figures here, it got me thinking about the remaining options for BAF figures.

Or, which Marvel characters good or evil, stand the best chance of being made.
There's no doubt countless wishlists out there covering that. Today, I'm more interested in the BAF figures that should've already been made. All 10 of them, plus a few more to grow on.

In no particular order:

10). Dormammu:
Seriously, how has this guy not hade a figure made of him yet? Don't tell me they're hatin' because of his name.
                            And Hasbro can even decide if they want to use the classic version...

                                                        ...or the more modern interpration.

9). Classic Drax The Destroyer:
While it's true there's been not one, but two Drax figures made in the ML line, we still haven't had seen classic Drax yet.

Here's a custom someone did that perfectly captures how I see Hasbro being able to make him.

8). Man-Thing:

Like Drax, Man-Thing's technically already been made into a ML figure. Except that one is really rare and very hard to find. 

An updated one, re-colored to better match his original appearence would be nice.

7). The Celestial(s):

6). FrankenCastle:

5). The Destroyer:

The Destoryer, much like Drax, has had the unique pleasure of being twice made in action figure form; once as ML variant to the ML Iron Man ThorBuster Armor figure, and twice as the Thor movie figure.

I want the classic verison, and one more readily available and done in the ML style.

4) Surtur:

He's one of the last main major Thor villians not made as a figure yet, so why not introduce him as a BAF figure? Just imagine the battles on your shelf between this guy and Odin?

3). Super-Adaptoid:
Long before the Marvel Hero Mashers line existed, there was this creation.
Marvel's answer to Amazo, the Super-Adaptoid was created to mimic and copy the Avengers' powers. The only difference bewteen Adapty and Amazo, is that Adapty also mimics the appearences of the individuals he takes his powers from.

He's as much as natural choice for a BAF as anything I've seen. It's a perfecr marriage of cross-promotion between two toy lines if they played this one right.

2). The Scarlet Centurion:

I don't know about you guys, but this former futuristic identity of Kang's is also ripe to be used as a BAF.

1). Psycho-Man:

He had his own figure once in the FF animated show line, and now its past time for him to follow suit for the ML line.
Hell, his very design screams BAF!
Here' some custom examples:

I'll even throw in these honorable mentions:
1). Skorge the Executioner 2). Hulk 2099 3). Bi-Beast  4).  A-Bomb(Rick Jones as Abomination) 5). The Living Laser

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