Monday, April 27, 2015

"I Feel That Ice Is Slowly Melting"

File this skit under "T" for Topical....

The End

Yep, in case you haven't been surfing the web, Bendis outed the younger Iceman in All-New X-Men#40.
So yeah, he's gay now. Which I guess shouldn't be a big deal since rumors of Iceman being gay have been around for years. It's just that its done really for shock value, and to "show diversity."

Well they ever learn?

Oh, and BTW, yes, Kity Pryde did agree to marry Starlord. Fat chance that'll do him since Battleworld has already interuppted those nuptials,, and replace his Kitty, witht the more agressive Age of Apocalypse version. Good luck on that one Peter.


The King of Thessaly said...

Nice one!
Yeah, I love all the super-serious discussion about a fictional-character's possible sexual-preference on some of the way-too-liberal comic sites out there...
"Well the younger, time-displaced Iceman is gay so clearly that means the regular continuity Iceman is too- he's never had luck with the ladies..."
1.) Big who cares. 2.) Bendis is now- and forever will be a hack. 3.) Any character is whatever any writer writes them to be- they are not people. You can't put real-life-people standards on them or their fictional decisions.
Green Lantern was gay too- for about a week. It's a headline-grab. It's liberal media whoring.
There have been rumors and jokes that Batman and Robin are gay for decades- so get on making it cannon DC!
Punisher is gay, that's why he has all the big long guns he likes to hold and fire. Peter Parker is gay- none of his relationships with females EVER work out!
I used to pretend I was Iceman, from the Amazing Friends cartoon, on the playground as a kid. I know I'm not gay now... so, that must mean younger me is totally gay as fuck!
Oh, and Firestar? -Secret penis.
You know... in this new age of geek culture and popularity- I worry that fans take this stuff WAY to seriously. Remember when comics were just fun? Why can't anyone have fun anymore? Why is everything a hot-button issue?

Dale Bagwell said...

Because some the kids that grew into adults have ruined/are attempting to ruin it for their peers and younger generations.

I don't care either, because as you say, they're fictional characters, therefore it shouldn't affect us in the real world. But man do a shitload of people get worked up over it all.
It only bugs me when they decide to make certain characters gay because it's 1). Lazy writing and 2). Unnecessary.
I get trying to be more diverse to better reflect society by giving those readers who are gay someone they can relate to, but it's all just fucked up and redonkulous.

If nothing else, why not make new heroes who happen to be gay instead of saddling previously established non-gay characters? I've heard its because the newer characters don't catch on and don't carry the history as the older ones. Like I said, redonkulous, thus worthy of being made fun of.

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