Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top 5 :Infinity War Doppelgangers

Happy Hump Day People.....

Marvel's unleashing their old-school big event revival, Secret Wars, and DC's countering with Convergence(CRISIS), my mind reeled at the simultaneous combo of excitement and disappointment. Excitement about the possibilities this new version of Secret War can offer and Convergence's teasing us all with possibly(but probably not) bringing back certain Pre-NU52 characters/teams back, or at the very least, let us enjoy them one more time.

The resounding disappointment that follows for both Secret Wars and "We're-not-calling-it CRISIS-yet", is because both are painfully obvious retro/nostalgia-cash-grabs. They are, just except it. Once you do that, you can be free to enjoy it for what it will be; one last hurrah from you old favorite storylines/events.

I know I will.

Those events made me think of the previously announced movie debut of the Infinity Gauntlet, which then led me to thinking about one of my favorite childhood comic events of 1992; The Infinity War

I'll readily admit to being a big, big of fan of the sequel to the original Infinity Gauntlet story back in the day and this is the reason why......

 The Doppelgangers.

I know, I know it probably sounds like a silly-ass idea, but for the 12 year-old me, this concept more than anything else, excited my imagination like no other moment.

Seeing the warped and evil versions of all those superheroes made want to see more and more of them.

Some worked visually.....

......and some didn't.

The fact remains to me, that that particular facet of the story hooked me in more than anything.
It's simple, but it works.

But that's just me.
So, here's my Top 5 Infinity War Doppelgangers:

5). Evil Captain America

Yeah I know. He looks like high, perverted leprechaun with a cracked-out, painted buzzaw for a shield.....


Look at that face though.

fucking creepy is what it is.

4). Evil Mr. Fantastic

While really just a rat-faced vampire-looking version of Mr. Fantastic, he really was a tough, viciously evil son-of-a-bitch!
Straight up gangsta right there!

3). Demogoblin.
He popped up originally during the the Inferno event as a demon who possessed the Jason Macendale Hobgoblin. They later separated, with Macendale hunting and killing the Demogoblin. 

At least we got a toy outta' the deal.

2). Magus

If you think about it, he really and truly was Adam's dark reflection. Just with a much cooler, if not color-questionable outfit and design.
Plus he started the whole sha-bang.

1). Doppelganger.

I don't why, but that design and imagery just work for me. It's a simple, but effective design to reflect the menace persona image ol' JJJ used to perpetuate in the Daily Bugle.

Anyhoo this guy with the super dumb obvious name survives IW, then fights, then joins Carnage and his crew during the Maximum Carnage crossover event.
He make it until about '95 I think, and is also killed off by Macendale.

Two for two Hobby!

That's my list, now I'm to curious to know what your top Infinity War doppelgangers are.

By the way, if you're interested and have some free time, check out this link by writer Mark Ginoocho on
 It's all about the goodness that is The Infinity War


Randomnerd said...

I don't know why, but dark speedball just makes me giggle.

Dale Bagwell said...

He really does look unintentionally non-threatening doesn't he? He looks like he's fucking tweaking of meth. Hmmmm. I think he is.

googum said...

The Daredevil Doppelganger! All horns and points! Then he died and turned into a Matt Murdock corpse...for some reason.

Dale Bagwell said...

Googum: So that;s what happened to him? Really? I bet Matt seized the opportunity on that one to fake his death again didn't he?

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