Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So Who Would Win?: Hal Jordan VS. Alan Scott

What's up people?

Figured I'd play around with the order of of when these columns usually come out. That's what today's edition of So Who Would Win? is early this week.

Ever since I became aware of there being another actual Green Lantern around from the reprinted pages of  Green Lantern DC Blue Ribbon Digest#4, I became fascinated by one, Alan Scott.

I didn't know until then, that he was the Golden Age Green Lantern back in the day, and basically was the basis for the then modern incarnation in Hal.

Years later, and I'm stuck wondering who really was the better GL? Alan or Hal?
From what I remember outside of that initial fight between the two, there hasn't really been a knockdown, drag-out fight with them. I think during Mark Waid's Brave and Bold: Green Lantern and Flash mini-series, there was one issue where a fight was teased, but never followed though on.

So, for the purpose of this imaginary fight I'm placing both Hal and Alan in their prime: so chronologically (1938-1951) for Alan; (1960-1990) for Hal.
I'm also including Hal's old weakness to yellow, and Alan's to wood(which is very hilarious when you consider his NU52 incarnation;)

And this is the strictly pre-NU52 versions of these characters by the way.


Alan Scott.


Hal Jordan.

Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think walks away from this one as the "Ultimate" Green Lantern.

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