Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 5: Why Thanksgiving Day Sucks

So this Thursday's Thanksgiving in case the many, many grocery store and Wal-Mart commercials didn't
already bombard you with sale ads out the ass!

Well today I figured I'd take page out of the movie "He Said, She Said", and present to opposing views on Thanksgiving; one for, and and one against.

Today's the Anti-Thanksgiving one, starring the Creeper.
*Any views communicated by said guest commentator are strictly those of the guest commentator. 
Yeah right;)


The End

Hey, he's got a point  no matter where you fall on this one.

Tomorrow is the rebuttal by another guest commentator....Tune in Morbidites!!!!


karl said...

This odd Thanksgiving holiday you Americans have sure is peculiar...I mean I thought it was around Xmas and about Xmas yet were still in November! What da fuck is it all about? Don't you celebrate Xmas anymore lol?

Dale Bagwell said...

I don't myself. Not much of a holiday spirit when it comes to that. I only really get gifts for my girl, family and some friends. Otherwise. I wish it didn't exist. I'd be more than happy if all those holidays didn't exist frankly.

And yes Americans do celebrate some weird/dumb holidays, but at least we don't have Boxing Day.

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