Monday, November 03, 2014

You And What Arm-Y?

What's up folks?
How was your weekend? Get lots of candy and pussy/dick this Halloween?

Cool, cool.

Speaking of Halloween and ghost and goblins.....

The End

True story, because I absolutely don't two shits or one, about the Jamie Foxx Electro figure. He's fugly. 
'Nuff Said.


Randomnerd said...

That is a solid reason for not finishing that character. Respect dude.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks Random;)
And yeah, I'm seriously not even going to attempt to budge on that stance. I have other arms he can use, like the spare Mandroid arm to yet another BAF I'll likely never complete.

TRUE STORY y'all....

Randomnerd said...

Actually, I think Mandroid would look good on him.

googum said...

Hold out, man. After the holidays, reckon you oughta be able to pick up Electro for a song.