Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Top 10 Marvel Legends Figures of 2017

Well here it is, here's my Top 10 favorite action figures of 2017, and seeing as how it's the 20th of December, I feel comfortable enough with making this list at this point.
It really should come to no one's surprise that's it all strictly Marvel Legends figures, since that's really the only line I'm currently collecting, since DC's Multiverse line just isn't doing it for me at all these days.

Also, this list is only going include action figures I currently own, rather than also the ones I wish I had that came out this year.

Let's get to it, shall we?

In no particular order except the for the number one spot....

10). Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk BAF Wave Ares

I've been wanting this figure for awhile now, but he's just so damn expensive on the secondary market these days. So imagine my pleasant surprise at finding out Hasbro was finally re-issuing him in this year's Thor: Ragnarok movie wave. He's gotten a slight paint update versus the original, but overall is still a damn solid figure. They really nailed it on the repaint this go around.

9). Guardians Of The Galaxy Titus BAF Wave Darkhawk

Even though the BAF in this wave sucked, this figure sure as shit doesn't. Darkhawk was one of those constant must have's for me in this line, as I'm sure he was to a lot of other collectors as well. So I'm glad we FINALLY got this classic 90's Marvel hero in the line. I could nitpick and say this wasn't so much his classic look as it was how he appears now, and there was no detachable grappling hook or amulet, but that really is nit-picking when we should all just be glad he's around period.

8). Guardians Of The Galaxy Titus BAF Wave Vance Astro
While Vance Astro is not usually on my want list or someone whose appearance I often look forward to, I must say that I absolutely love how this figure turned out. The colors, the body sculpt, everything just works for me. And he has Cap's shield too, so there's that.

7).  Daredevil Netflix Man-Thing BAF Wave Man-Thing

6). Spider-Man Homecoming Wave Cosmic Spider-Man

Here's another figure I didn't think I'd like as much as I would when I got him. Sure he looked and sounded good from the previews, but when he arrived in person, I instantly loved him. And what's not to love when you have three different alternate heads included? You can definitely got a lot of mileage out of them, especially the bearded Parker one, which Hasbro is already re-using for their latest Namor figure set to arrive in next year/next month's Black Panther movie wave.

5). Daredevil Netflix Man-Thing BAF Wave Bullseye

This was just an automatic buy for me, and how could you not with that alternate head (which you can use on that Odin Wave Hawkeye to transform him into the Dark Reign era Hawkeye)
He's drowning in all that charisma and smugness, and is really just an exceptional update to the still near-perfect, older Toy Biz one.

4). Gamestop Exclusive Back in Black Deadpool

While I didn't necessarily need to get this Deadpool figure, I did anyways, and I did not regret it either. Sure the concept is based of a relatively new ret-con idea, but it still works for me, as does the execution in making this figure. He's solid repaint and re-use of other various ML parts.

3).  X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Old Man Logan

Here's another really solid figure I didn't HAVE TO get, but am still glad I bought regardless. The paint apps, detail and sculpt are all really on point, and overall came out nicely. Like with other figures, he'll be even more fun when you consider all the head-swapping possibilities.

2). X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Jim Lee-era Cyclops

This one's a welcome update of the older Toy Biz version, even though I'm not a big fan of the glove, thigh and boot bands constantly slipping up and down, but other than that, I'm ultimately pleased with how he turned out.

1). Retro Marvel Legends Wolverine
While he's technically not in my hands and on my shelf at the moment, he is officially last figure I've bought this year. I love the whole retro backboard thing Hasbro did this year, as it's an instant callback to the days when I collected those 90's figures, so I'm in heaven. Hasbro put out a whole wave of these, including  the recent classic Captain America figure, but now with painted his classic scales, a repainted and re-issued 80's-era Iron Man, Classic Jim Lee-era Punisher, but with the red banana-wearing alternate head rather than white, a re-issued Pizza Spider-Man, and the Black Widow, which was never created for the 90's Marvel Super Heroes line back then, but is no less a welcome addition.

I'll be honest, I mostly wanted this figure because of the unmasked head and folded up cowl included.
Otherwise I could've just as easily skipped this one since I already own one from last year's X-Men wave.

Honorable Mentions:

10). X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Polaris/ X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Shatterstar (Tie)

Not sure why they went with this incarnation of Polaris, but I like it, even if they did totally re-use her "sister" Wanda's head to make her. Hopefully one day we'll get more Polaris figures reflecting past looks like her famous 90's Peter David-era X-Factor outfit. This works enough for since it's basically a bit of a modern take on her 1st appearance costume.

Well we're that much closer to completing the classic 90's-era X-Force team with the addition of this guy. Sure his looks' dated AF, but nostalgia rules, and so does this well-made figure. Hopefully and eventually, we'll get his updated X-Factor look as well.

9). Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis BAF Wave Adam Warlock

While I'm glad we got a new Adam Warlock figure, I'd have preferred a re-done version of his classic look with the thunderbolt in the middle. Oh well. At least he came with the Magus head, so that helps boost the figure's overall stock for me. I've definitely taken advantage of that and put that head on the spare Marvel Now Dr. Strange body, and it actually works.

8). Daredevil Netflix Man-Thing BAF Wave Daredevil

For me this only other Daredevil outfit worth getting a figure of. It's that damn good.

7). Spider-Man Homecoming Wave Moon Knight

Hey I'm all for another Moon Knight figure, especially a much-needed update from the last one during the Toy Biz days. They really nailed his modern look here, with all the paint and details, and even gave us some sweet accessories in his moon 'rangs.
I just would've also liked, and HARMABE I hope they get to him next year, is to see a figure of his Mr. Knight alter ego. Now that, that would be pure awesome sauce.

6). X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Sunfire

Hey, a classic Sunfire! They really nailed this one good, and you can always use the flame ball accessories for other figures as well, especially the Human Torch.

5). Daredevil Netflix Man-Thing BAF Wave Jessica Jones 

Look at figure. That attitude and general toughness just seem to radiate from this figure. They really nailed her likeness from the show as well, so that helps. The boot cuffs actually work here, the fingerless gloves are a nice touch, but it would've been nice if they had included her scarf though, either molded on there or removable, and a bottle of whiskey. 

4). X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Wave Dazzler

Well, we FINALLY got an official Marvel Legends Dazzler figure, and it is the classic version of her, so I can't complain too much. I'd have preferred her blue Outback-era look myself, but nonetheless we have a Dazzler figure anyways. They probably should've re-thought the disco skate wheels as they can be a bit problematic when trying to stand her up.

3). Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis BAF Wave Ex Nihilo

I really didn't to expect to like this figure as much as I did, but I do. The shit-eating look on his face helps, as does the overall look and design of the figure. He's definitely an unexpected addition to the line, but I think he hold his on regardless.

2). Daredevil Netflix Man-Thing BAF Wave Punisher

This is another I didn't expect to like as much as I did. Sure they really nailed his likeness from the show as well as they did on the Jessica Jones figure, but at first I was like "But do I really need another Punisher figure?" No, but this one's as solid of an addition to my collection as the others. Plus the head-swapping possibilities are endless.

1). Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis BAF Wave Death's Head 2

I was really surprised that Hasbro made this guy when they haven't made the first Death's Head in the 6-inch scale yet. I'm really, really hoping, just like my buddy Googum, that sooner than later, they finally do, because it will be GLORIOUS.....No? 
That being said, they really knocked it the fuck out of the park with the sculpt and detail on this. I just wish he'd have come with an alternate normal right hand to go with the confusing alternate left hand they gave us. Oh well.

I did forget to give a shout out to the Tombstone and classic Beetle figures we finally got this year in that Spider-Man Homecoming wave. Damn were they very welcome addition to my shelf.

And that's my list for year. If you bought any action figures yourselves this year, what were favorites and why?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I was looking at that Netflix Punisher figure at a store a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty impressed with the likeness it had with the actor. Just finished Season 1 of The Punisher, that was some damn good shit I really really really hope he shows up in the 2nd season of The Defenders. Aside from new comics I say also fuck all the comic book based shows on regular net work channels they all suck ass.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm glad you did man, because it really is worth it.
I believe he will, hopefully, even if it's only one episode or a brief cameo.

I'm also with you on the regular network shows sucking, with the exception for me, anyways, of Legion on FX. Now that's a truly original-looking and innovative approach to translating comics to the television medium.
Used to watch Arrow and Legends, and really just became bored with all of it, and even Marvel shows like Agents of SHIELD never did it for me. Just boring AF to me.

Other than Legion, Netflix really is pretty much the place to be right now.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well i'm certainly hoping for much more then a single episode cameo that's for sure. tried checking out a Legion a couple times before but it didn't really grab me but then again none of those BBC shows (like orphan black or Dr Who)do. when it comes to comic book based entertainment it's pretty much just NetFlix, movies and the occasional cool toy collectible that comes my way. but when it comes to regular network TV shows and new comics it's all a waste of time and money to me. years of bullshit ROM return rumors and disappointing ROM related continuity story lines killed it for me when it comes to marvel. the crappy reiteration of The Suicide Squad with DC's relaunch like wise mostly killed it for me on the DC end. IDW's new so called ROM series (as well with The Micronauts) was pretty much my last ditch effort to get into buying a weekly series again...but you know how that went.

Dale Bagwell said...

Legion is really good, and definitely has a unique presentation to it, so try it again in February when Season 2 starts. I can see how it wouldn't be everyone's bag, but shit, it's a lot better than that boring-ass Agents of SUCK and Inhumanly bad shows that are on these days.

Yes, yes I do, and it's a damn shame that IDW spent all that money to secure the publishing rights only to eat a big fat one that deal. You'd think they'd honestly try and be successful enough to recoup all the money they probably spent, and yet nothing, hardly any new ROM merch to offset those costs. Dumbfounds me man.

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