Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Moon Knight and The Question

Haven't done one of these in awhile, it's another edition of Fantasy Team-Up, the column where I post my dream team-ups between heroes or teams.

This time around I'm pairing up Marvel's legit poster boy of a mental patient/superhero Moon Knight, and DC's answer to the X-Files' Fox Mulder if he was a reporter, the Question.

Honestly for me, it's an natural pairing considering the questionable mental status of both of these guys, and for the fact that their ultimately street-level heroes, even though Moon Knight's just a cunt hair more mainstream than the Q-man. Well that and he sometimes has actual super powers too.
Oh and for the purpose of today's post, I'll have Moon Knight show up as his Mr. Knight persona. Damn I love that look!

As for why they would team-up? I guess I'll just have to invent a reason now wouldn't I?

How about one of Moon Knight's arch-enemies, the Black Spectre is going around framing Moonie for sick, strange, but the kind of politically-motivated murders that would trigger the Question's conspiracy Spider-Sense.

Good enough for me.

Q eventually runs into Moon Knight, they do the whole hero fights each other over a mutual misunderstanding thing, only to be interrupted right when it was getting good by the Black Spectre gloating over what he did.

He then unleashes a small army of henchmen he picked up wholesale from a nearby insane asylum, the very one that Moonie himself was briefly institutionalized, you know as a final "Fuck You" to Marc, before conveniently fleeing the scene.

 The Question and Moonie look at the oncoming wave of demented and raving lunatic coming their way.

"You ready to do this?"

"Of course. I kind of feel bad having to do this. Almost."

Now this, this I'd like to see.

Christmas did indeed come early for me this year. My wonderful girlfriend Heather (not my ex, the 1st Heather) went ahead and bought me a PS4 and the newly-released WWE2K18 game to go with it.

So yeah, I've finally joined the modern gaming world after going so long without one, content to rock my trusty old PS2. Not anymore;)

It defintiely is taking some getting used to, especially in regards to the whole online part and menu setup/registration. Goddamn, it makes we miss the relative quiet of past consoles. Oh well, let's hear it for progress, right?


Dan W said...

Nice one! I always feel a little jilted when all the intercompany goodness goes to the BIG guns.

Crossovers wouldn't be so stale if you got to see Ghost Rider and the Spectre face off. I love the idea of this one too.

I think it would be cool at one point if Moon Knight got influenced by the Questions presence being out of place in his dimension and started struggling to stop another voice n his head that vaguely resembles Rorschach. That would be a pretty cool way of tying in arguably the Question's greatest role.

Dale Bagwell said...

Good point Dan, good point. Considering Vic's not always of sound mind himself, I can see this easily being a case of him being a bad influence on Marc. I mean if the Question can talk to cities, and Marc can talk to deities, this just seems like a natural pairing and more and more doesn't it?

Ghost Rider and Spectre....I think Ross over at his Super Team-Up blog might've already done that one, but I'd love to see it. Talk about bad influences on that one. They're both spirits of vengence, with one working for God and the other a devil, I smell sitcom;)

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