Thursday, December 14, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The Brotherhood of Dada (original) VS. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Original)


What's up people, miss me?

I figured I'd take Shlomo's advice and only post when I feel like that rather than feeling obligated to post 4 days a week. What can I say, I'm a slave to routine for the most part.

So from now on, that's how it'll be.

That and I've been slowly (maybe not that slowly) losing interest in the comic world for awhile now, something that hasn't happened since I was really young and naively thought I had to pick which entertainment medium got my main attention and focus, comics or pro-wrestling.
Yeah I know, silly AF, but then back then I also thought I had to either buy Marvel comics or DC comics, couldn't buy both, oh and dark-haired people had to stick to drinking dark soda like Coke or Pepsi, and if you were blonde or fair-haired, you had to only Sprite or 7UP because somehow I had the weird-ass notion that drinking different colored sodas affected your hair color.

Yeah I know. You can laugh. I sure would. And no, nobody told me this, this was all me.

Anyhoo the only comic I still maintain some interest in, is my beloved Doom Patrol, which I highly, HIGHLY recommend you start reading if you're not already.
Even if you're not a big fan of his music, writer Gerald Way sure knows how to write the Doom Patrol, and yes the Grant Morrison influences come free with the price of admission.

Speaking of the Doom Patrol, let's get right down to why I'm even writing today's post at all:
This week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, where I pit the Doom Patrol's main analogue team rivals, the Brotherhood of Dada against the original incarnation of Marvel's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
C'mon, you can't tell me the just the thought of Mr. Nobody flustering someone as pompous and self-righteous like Magneto wouldn't be funny AF to see go down.

Let's get right to the stats and compare the two teams shall we?

-The Brotherhood of Dada:

1). Mr. Nobody - Has the ability to sap the sanity of other beings

2). The Quiz - Has every superpower you never thought of
 The powers she exhibited were: flight, mimicking appearances, turning people to glass, turning back time, dematerialization, making things large, turning people into toilets filled with flowers, and the power to make escape-proof spirit jars.

3). The Fog - the ability to turn into a psychedelic death cloud capable of absorbing people

4). Sleepwalk -  had tremendous power, but only when she was asleep. To avoid waking, she took sleeping pills and wore headphones that played Barry Manilow

5). Frenzy - the ability to turn into a living cyclone.

-The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants:

1). Magneto - 
  • Magnetism manipulation and generation of magnetic force fields
  • Flight through magnetic fields
  • Helmet shields against telepathic attacks

2). Toad - 
AbilitiesExpert kickboxer, mechanic, and machinist
Superhuman leg and tongue strength and endurance, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance and leaping
Regenerative healing factor
Elongated prehensile tongue
Psychoactive venom secretion
Paralyzing mucus secretion
Adhesive spit
Ability to stick to walls, expel gusts of air from his lungs and communicate with amphibious life

3). Mastermind - 
AbilitiesIllusion creation
Memory alteration and erasure

4). Quicksilver - 
AbilitiesAbility to move, speak and think at supersonic speeds, with enhanced stamina and durability, also can vibrate his body to phase through objects and has superhumanly fast reflexes.

5). Scarlet Witch - 

Okay, so obviously right off the bat you notice just how ridiculously out-matched in terms of power the Brotherhood of Dada are.
But that doesn't necessarily mean it's a slam dunk. After all, you never should underestimate the crafty-ness and overall weirdness of the Brotherhood of Dada, particularly Mr. Nobody's, who's sanity-sapping abilities I feel would play a HUGE deciding factor in this battle's outcome, especially when it comes to mental status of someone like a Magneto , Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who have shown in the past to be easily susceptible to bouts of madness/insanity.
If Mr. Nobody can get inside their heads and masterfully manipulate them,  his team's got a real shot at pulling off an upset of monumental proportions.


The Brotherhood of Dada


The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Who wins and why?

Thought I'd include this funny picture in here.

Goddamn, no wonder Toad turned into an asshole later on. He got no fucking respect!

Finally, I got to see Thor: Ragnarok last week and I absolutely loved it.

Damn it was so much better than the other two Thor movies by far. Highly recommend you guys check it out if you haven't already. I thought it was a damn good mix of humor and action, then the brief quiet moments with Odin had me tear up. Don't know why, but it just goes to further showcase the sheer awesomeness of Sir Anthony Hopkins' acting ability to enthrall you in his scenes, despite how few they were. All the actors knocked it the hell out of the park I thought, plus it was nice to see them reference Skurge the Executioner's going down in a blaze of glory just like he did during Walt Simonson's run.

Hope you guys have a good weekend.....

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