Sunday, December 17, 2017


Fuck Zuckerberg, or as I call him Fuckerberg and his army of fuck boi bots! I goddamn hate him with a passion!

I have quickly grown to hate Facebook.
You see I belong to a private and closed group on there both as a member and as an administrator, and after earning a couple bans, it felt like the FB administrators were specially monitoring and targeting me for any little infraction they deemed violated their rules. Well yesterday I received a 30-day ban for posting a meme that supposedly contained nudity, despite the fact there was no actual nudity involved. A ban that I've actively attempted to get out of using a various alias, but to no avail.
I'm thinking because despite using different email addresses, names and profile pics, my ip is still the same, and since it's already in the system, they used that to figure out it was really me.

It's bullshit really. It's a private and closed group. Meaning what's shared amongst the group is not shown to the mainstream public. Yet we're still harassed on a regular basis.

I'm guessing once you get banned once, you're pretty much on their short-list/watchdog-list from then on.

Now I've tried and tried to convince the creator of the group and my other fellow administrators that due to the group being an easy target, that we should move it elsewhere, like say Google Plus for example.

But that idea was shot down, in part because honestly Google Plus. despite it's efforts and hopes from Google, is nowhere near as popular as Facebook is.
MySpace is out of the question, and there really isn't a true alternative to Facebook out there yet.
And now with the whole end to Net Neutrality thing becoming a reality, more than likely you'd have to pay big time to find one or even to create one, if that's even possible.

I know one thing, someone's got to create a true alternative because this Orwellian nonsense is pure and utter bullshit.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

almost every time i go to or pass by Menlo Park i always see tourists posing in front of facebook's HQ it's so fucken annoying. i remember this one time i jumped out of the car and had my wife take a picture of me flipping off the same spot the tourists like to get there FB selfies. it was funny cause at first they thought i was another tourist and then got visibly weirded out when they saw me being all "fuck you facebook". let me show you how much bullshit that whole "community guidelines" is check this out

Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, that IS messed up. That and like the meme I posted says, Him and his Fuck Boi Bots are cool with videos being posted of racial, gang, and just plain violence as well as brutal murders and beheadings, but seems to draw the line at nudity or precieved nudity and parodies. WTF!?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i haven't had a farcebook account for over 3 years now and i have to say my life is better for it.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I'm really starting to come to that realization myself after everything that's happened lately. The I found out some new (well new to me even though it's relatively old new now to the general public) and now I REALLY am doubting sticking around. I'm only doing so for 2 main reasons: 1). To be able to communicate with family and friends through messenger if I can't reach them by phone, text or email. And 2). I'm an administrator to a closed and private group that I absolutely love hanging out with since they get my twisted sense of humor over there. FB is the primary way of keeping in contact with a majority of them outside a precious few, and even those few are still connected to me through messenger.

So yeah, for those reasons and those reasons only, it's hard to pull the trigger and just quit, but I'm damn sure heading that way very quickly since I legit no longer feel safe there. The fact that FB can access my phone data and contacts through the messenger app is becoming more and more unsettling to me. Sure, it's not a complete surprise, but back then I didn't care as much as I do know, and honestly glossed over a lot of that. Not anymore. And really, what do you expect from an admitted thief and criminal? Certainly not to act in a highly moral fashion that's for sure.
If you haven't though, check this video by one of my favorite channels, Dark 5, about Facebook:

Again I knew a good bit of this already, except about the "social experiment" they and a California university to manipulate users.

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