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Top 10: Iron Man Armors I Want To See Made In Marvel Legends Line

Damn, Tony Stark has made a shit-ton of armors to wear and fight crime over the years, and damn if Marvel hasn't tried to translate as many of those armors as they could into action figure form.

First Toybiz, and now Hasbro, try to give the fans and die-hard action figure collectors all the Iron Man they can handle and then some. And why not? He's a certified mover who won't become a peg-warmer, and his track record more than backs that up.

That being said, after all the possible combinations and releases of different Iron Man figures, surely there can't be any new one left to make right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

There's actually quite a few versions of the Iron Man armor that hasn't made it's way to being immortalized in plastic.

I looked, and I looked, and I found at least 10 different Iron Man armors that haven't been made yet, and SHOULD be made before Hasbro retires the Marvel Legends line sometime in the far, far future.

So, here's my own personal list of the 10 Iron Man armor variations I'd like to see be made in the Marvel Legends line....

10). Superior Iron Man Armor

Whether or not your were a big fan of the whole AXIS "event" and Superior IM, if nothing else, at least the armor looked pretty damn good. Good enough to be made into an action figure I'd say.

9). Operation: Galactic Storm Space Armor 

Now sure Tony's had other space armors before, and Toybiz even released a figure that was a combination of the Silver armor and the space one. But, we never ever got a proper space aror suit, especially the one circa Operation: Galactic Storm.

8). Inferno Armor

Ok so this is most definitely a personal pick because it's not canon, existing only as a gimmick armor created solely for the 1994 Iron Man Animated series.
But I love it. It was definitely one of my favorite armors due to the overall look and design of the suit.
Sure, you can leave the water squirters off it, but I'd love to see a 6 inch version of this made in the ML line.

7). Heroes Return Armor

So they made the Heroes Reborn Prometheus armor, but not the next one after that, the Heroes Return armor? Makes no sense to me, and this one looks pretty damn good.

6). The Crossing Armor

Alright, now I know this storyline was universally hated/panned, and even though I grew up reading it, it really hasn't aged all that well even with all those talents involved. Still, I liked Young Tony's armor despite only looking right with certain artists.

5). Space Armor

See entry #9, but THIS is the proper Space Armor I'd love to see made.

4). Sorcerer Supreme Armor

Yes, a What If? entry, and I'm going with his Sorcerer Supreme armor he had when fighting Dormammu back in What If?#113 (Vol.2).

3). Hydro Armor

Perfect for those imaginary underwater battle scenes or just for bath time, who wouldn't want a nice Hydro Armored Iron Man figure?

2). Civil War (What If?)

Now this is the armor a lot of people speculated Cap might wear had he won Civil War. Alas it never happened, but what a sweet design. We'd later see this made with modifications as the Iron Patriot armor, but it still isn't as sweet as this one.

1). Iron Man 2020 Armor

Hey, technically it IS an IM armor, and one that hasn't been made into 6 inch form yet.
Why, I don't know, as there's a smaller, 3 inch version for the Marvel Universe line. Please rectify this Hasbro. I WANT MY IRON MAN 2020 FIGURE DAMNIT!!!!!

And no, I didn't include the recent "Invincible" IM armor or the one that Dr. Doom is sporting, because me no likie the designs. Simple as that.

Are they're any other IM armors I didn't list that'd you'd love to see made?

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