Thursday, August 03, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Elektra VS. Lady Shiva


For this week's edition of So, Who Would Win? I'm pitting two of the comic world's deadliest female assassins against each other in a fight to the death in order to determine who's the best out of the two.

Hey, who wouldn't want to see a battle between these two legendary femme fatales am I right?

On one hand you have Frank Miller's Elektra, one of the best female fighters out there ever...

...and on the other, the equally deadly and dangerous Lady Shiva.

Shiva's so deadly and both equally feared and respected, that when Batman recovered form his broken back at the hands of Bane, he chose Shiva to re-train him to get back in Batman-fighting shape.

Let's look at the stats and compare the two shall we?

AbilitiesPhysical attributes enhanced to peak of human potential
Master martial artist
Low-level mind control and telepathic communication
Expert with various types of weaponry, particularly her trademark twin sai

Lady Shiva:
  • Martial arts Grandmaster
  • Able to read body language and anticipate an opponent's actions

Disregarding that whole low-level telepath thing, both of these dangerous women pretty evenly matched in terms of being highly trained and proficient killers.

It would be REALLY interesting to see who comes out on top considering the pedigree of fighter they both are.




Lady Shiva

Who wins and why?

Welp, my birthday is tomorrow, and that means my old is turning 36 this year. Like most people these days, I have absolutely NO idea were the time's gone. I swear at times it only seems like yesterday I was in elementary school playing my with pogs and trading Marvel cards...God I miss the 90's sometimes....

Anyhoo, I hope you guys out there have a good weekend.
Smell you later...

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