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So, Who Would Win?: The Authority VS. The Dark Avengers


Welcome folks to another exciting edition of So, Who Would Win?, a weekly feature where I pit two individuals or teams from the world of comic books, against each other in a last-man standing battle.

This week, I'm pitting Warren Ellis and Mark Millar's Authority (A dark riff off the Justice League) against the Dark Avengers, a team headed up by Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin) back during Marvel Comics' Dark Reign era back in 2009 when the villains of the MU where basically running things in the aftermath of 2008's Secret Invasion event.

Before we get into it, let's take a brief look into the histories of each team shall we?

Debuting back in May of 1999, the Authority was initially created out of a black ops division of the Jim Lee-created international super-team, Stormwatch. After Stormwatch was disbanded, Jenny Sparks took the the members of the black ops group, then called Stormwatch: Black, and formed the Authority as a new and very proactive team of superhero protectors.

Now while there have been quite a few iterations of the team over the years, for the sake of today's battle, I'll be focusing on the original founding members of the team. Namely....

  • Jenny Sparks, "The Spirit of the Twentieth Century"; the group's founder and original leader. (Control over electricity
    Transform herself into electricity
    Decelerated ageing
    Has perpetual youth that will end on the last day of the old century (until she dies)
  • Apollo, "The Sun God". (Solar-based being capable of absorbing solar energy and converting it into immense physical strength and speed, nigh-invulnerability, flight, and release blasts of laser-like heat vision through his eyes
  • Midnighter a.k.a. Lucas Trent, "Night's Bringer of War"
  • Enhanced physical attributes
  • Temporary pain suppression
  • Auxiliary heart
  • Enhanced reflexes)
  • The Doctor a.k.a. Jeroen Thornedike, "The Shaman" (Vast magical abilities that amount to reality warping granted by the Earth.
  • The second Engineer a.k.a. Angela Spica, "The Maker" (Nanotechnology in her body allows her to fly and to create anything she can imagine
    High intelligence
  • Jack Hawksmoor, "The God of Cities" (A vast array of powers linked to a city environment)
  • Swift a.k.a. Shen Li-Min, "The Winged Huntress" (Wings for flight
    Talons, enhanced strength and durability)

Next up is the Dark Avengers:

  • Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) (Uses high-tech armor)
  • The Sentry (Superhuman Strength, Speed & Stamina
    • Healing Factor
    • Light Manipulation
    • Nigh Invulnerability
    • Flight
    • Enhanced senses
    • Matter Transmutation
    • Intangibility
  • Ares, God of War (Expert armed combatant
    Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes superior to that of most Olympians
    Magic manipulation
    Immunity to all diseases and infections
    Virtual immortality
  • Wolverine (Daken) (Excellent martial artist
    Superhuman physical attributes
    Accelerated healing factor
    Retractable claws
    Hyper senses
    Pheromone manipulation
    Immunity to telepathy)
  • Spider-Man/Venom (The Scorpion) (Symbiote grants:
    All of Spider-Man's powers
    Limited shape-shifting
    Immunity to Spider-Sense
  • Ms. Marvel (Moonstone) (Superhuman strength, speed, stamina and reflexes
    Gravity manipulation
    Photon blasts
    Light generation
    Minor molecular control)
  • Hawkeye (Bullseye) (Expert martial artist
    Exceptional physical condition
    Use of edged/throwing weapons and conventional firearms
    Spinal column and various other bones laced with adamantium
    Innate ability to throw virtually any object as a projectile
  • Captain Marvel (Noh-Var/Marvel Boy) (Enhanced Physiology)
Now that's done with, let's get to the heart of the matter;
It comes down to this, both teams have absolutely no qualms about killing, so with that said, you can fully expect both teams to do their deadly best take out the other using lethal force.

I'd have to think seeing how the Authority is NOT like other regular super-hero teams who frown on killing (for some it's a last ditch resort if needed) that this would momentarily stun the Dark Avengers, temporarily throwing them off their game a bit, until they adjust to the situation. 

It'll be a hell of a fight that's for sure, especially seeing the Sentry unleashed against a fully-powered Apollo, or the Midnighter throwing down with Daken. Would Daken's mutant-powered pheromones interfere with the Midnighter's neural implants that give him such an edge in a fight?

I know if Jenny and her teammates ever find out that every single one of the Dark Avengers (outside of the Sentry and Noh-Var) are hardened, life-long criminals with no hope of rehabilitation, that would even further encourage the Authority to actively try to kill them all.

Either way it's going to be a hell of a fight. 
Honestly, I really only see Ares and the Sentry being the most difficult ones for the Authority to defeat, especially the Sentry once he goes into full-on Void mode. He may just be only one who's totally unbeatable unless the Authority can trick him to going aboard the Authority's main moving base, the Carrier, and drop him off into the Bleed.


The Authority


The Dark Avengers

Who would win and why?
I'm curious to see who you guys pick to be the last team standing after all is said and done.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend folks.....

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