Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Daredevil and Dr. Midnight

For this week's edition of Fantasy Team-Up, I'm teaming up two well-known blind superheroes, Daredevil, the man without fear, and the original, golden age Dr. Midnight.

Now you're probably thinking, "Okay that sounds like a natural team-up; they're both blind, so ok, makes sense. But one's a current age hero and the other is a dead guy from the 40's. How would they even meet?"

Good question loyal reader.
My answer is the obvious one; time travel.

Don't you guys and gals remember, that Dr. Midnight is the member of the JSA, and who's a certain time-travelling themed villain that the JSA fights ad nauseam?

Why this motherfucker of course, Per Degaton....

In my scenario, Per Degaton is up to his usual scheming, orchestrating something big and monumental to turn the world into Planet Nazi, as he usually does.

Well this time, he has to go modern day New York in order to retrieve a vital object of power that would help his plans come to fruition....or....or, let's say during another battle with the JSA, his time-traveling machine or whatever the fuck he uses, gets damaged in the fight. For some very odd and incredibly fortuitous reason, he's forced to go to present to get this object to re-power said device.

Well Dr. Midnight, being the closest to his time portal, quickly follows Per Degaton through, in an attempt to shut that shit down.

They both stumble and land in present day New York. Hell's Kitchen to be exact.
And who do we know is the main protector associated with Hell's Kitchen, why only the Man without Fear, and a two Netflix series....Daredevil!

Sensing trouble in the alleyway where Per Degaton and Dr. Midnight are fighting, DD swings into action goes to investigate what's going on.

Using whatever futuristic devices he has left at his disposal, Per Degaton has Doc Midnight on the ropes, and is about to finish him off, when Daredevil in a timely manner, throws one of his trusty billy clubs at Degaton, stopping him from landing a killing blow.

Per Degaton is not amused by this new player on the scene.
He quickly sizes him up...

Daredevil: "I don't know if you knew this or not, but killing someone is a definite no-no in city, especially the killing of a masked man."

Per Degaton: "Ahhh, yes. of course. Hell's Kitchen. Then you must be its infamous protector, the so-called Man without Fear, Daredevil, is it?"

DD: "That's right. Now what are you doing in here, besides attempted murder?"

Per Degaton: "That, is no business of yours my horned, blind friend. Oh yes, I know who you are and that like this blinder narr* (Blind Fool in German) you too are also a blind superhero."

DD: "Good, then there's no need for foreplay. Let's get to the usual song and dance, shall we?"

Per Degaton: "Oh, I think not Mr. Devil. You see there are more important things for me to attend to rather than playing cops and robbers with another overzealous do-gooder."

DD: "Awww, you're hurting my feelings."

Per Degaton:" I plan on doing a lot more than hurt your feelings. Here, this will keep you preoccupied while I collect something very valuable that I need."

And with that, pulls out a very futuristic-looking device, presses and button, and then a huge flash of light, accompanied by a big billow of smoke suddenly appears....

Stepping out of the light and smoke, DD uses his radar sense to make sense of what's going on.
It's at that moment he "sees" the group of figures becoming clearer and clearer into view.

It's Elektra, surrounded by a bunch of Hand ninjas.

Per Degaton: "I believe you've met them all before, haven't you my little red devil?"

DD: "E-Elektra?"

Per Degaton: "There. I figured that would keep you and your new found-friend busy for awhile. You're welcome by the way, for the lovely reunion."

And with that Per Degaton successfully takes off, but not before DD has a chance to nail him with another billy club shot, this time damaging, another important part of his time-travelling device.

Now, Daredevil is forced to fight an Elektra and Hand, pulled from the past, but no less deadly.

Dr. Midnight gets up and composes himself, readying himself for the fight to come.

DD: "You ready-"

Dr. Midnight: "Midnight, Dr. Midnight. Didn't I just hear you're blind too?"

DD: "Yeah, long story, but I have my advantages."

Dr. Midnight: "I see. Good. Looks like we're going to need them."

DD: "It definitely appears that way."

And with that, Daredevil and the golden age Dr. Midnight team-up to fight Elektra and the Hand from the past.

Spoiler alert, they win, and then somehow and very dramatically, Dr. Midnight disappears as suddenly as he appeared in that time period, leaving a very puzzled Daredevil behind...

I'll definitely follow up on this with a team-up of the modern day Dr. Midnight, Dr. Pieter Cross possibly next week.

Speaking of Daredevil, I finally up the last half of DD season 2, and loved it, especially the ending,

I have already skipped ahead and watched two episodes of the Defenders series.

So far so good, but for me, it just feels like it should be called "Daredevil and his Amazing Friends" since it feels more like DD season 2.5 than anything else. Oh well, 2 down, and 6 more to go.
I'm really surprised there's only 8 episodes in the season, compared the 13 or 12 that the other shows have gotten. Wonder why....

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