Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"Love and Bat-Marriage, Love and Bat-Marriage..."

So apparently this happened......

I'm not even mad about it actually.

I look at it like this, let's see where this is headed. She hasn't said yes yet, even though I would think after all these years the answer would be a forgone conclusion.

If nothing else, if you hate it already and think Bruce should stay single and unmarried, then this could all easily be temporary, as is usually the case with these things. It won't last long.

Unless DC wants it to?

Bear in mind this is right after Batman and Bane went to war again against each other, and Batman had just seen his father again( well the Flashpoint version of his father) before he disappeared...yet again, beg him to quit being Batman and just live for himself instead trying to get revenge for parents.

So that's where his head was I guess.

Oh, and is Bruce just going to conveniently forget that Selena used to be, until recently before the newest reboot, a crime boss in the NU52? And didn't she kill people or was at the very least responsible for any deaths that occurred by members of her crew?

I guess not.

Still, I have to say the whole thing was pretty romantic, especially the part where Bruce proposes to Selena with the very same diamond she had stolen years earlier. Apparently he never returned it to the owners, and instead bought it because he knew someday he would need it. Now THAT'S the sort of planning ahead Batman's known for.

Good for him.
You can see this all go down in the recent issue of Batman, Batman#24, which should be out this week,

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