Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Top 10: Marvel Villains I want see get made right now

Today I'm just making a brief post about the Top 10 Marvel villains I want to see made. This list features Marvel villains that should be a priority for Hasbro to make over the next year or so.

Here they are:

1). The Grey Gargoyle

2). Count Nefaria

3). Attuma

Here's another marvel villain mainstay without a figure to call his very own.

4). Skurge the Executioner

They made the enchantress, but not Skurge!? Nope, make him already!

5). Puma

I just really, really want him already!

6). The Wizard(Wingless)

7). Stilt-Man

Yes, Stilt-man. He's a ready-made BAF figure, and a longtime D-lister deserving of having his own figure finally.

8). Ulik The troll

The did make him for the 3 inch MU line, but still nothing on the ML front. Rectify that Hasbro.

9). Gladiator (Melvin Potter)

How has this guy not been made yet!? Especially with his appearances in the DD Netflix series!?

10). The Living Laser
Classic or Laser form please ( Preferably the laser form since it'd be cheaper)

And that's my list. Which Marvel Villain deserves to have his or her own figure made in the upcoming year or so?

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