Thursday, November 17, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) VS. Quasar


For this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I'm pitting two well-known space-themed heroes against each in combat, as the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, squares off again Wendell Vaughn, Quasar.

Lots of similarities between these two obviously who the whole protector of space/the universe thing going on, as well as answering to an ancient cosmic being (The Guardians of the Universe for Hal, Eon the Living Planet for Quasar).

Hell even their powers, or source of power, are pretty much the same, where Hal uses a ring, Wendell uses bands/bracelets.

And as such, both respective power sources have their own strengths and weaknesses, primary strength being that both objects respond to the will and command of their user.

So really for me it all comes down to combat experience. Hal has the edge here, but Quasar can boast about having SHIELD training.


Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)



Who  Wins and why?
Let me know what you think in the comment's section below.

Have a good weekend everybody......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

good match up but too close for me to call.

Dale Bagwell said...

To be honest, I feel the exact same way.
Lots of factors in this one, like does Hal still have his old weakness to the color yellow? If so, Quasar's got the first round for sure, but if not, we're locked at a stalemate until either one can out-smart and out-manuver the other.

I guess I'll go with Hal here, but it could honestly go either way for me.

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