Monday, November 14, 2016

Dream Waves: Ron Lim Signature Series

Hey People....

So today I'm showcasing one of my favorite artists to come out of the 90's, Ron Lim.
He worked on a good bit of titles back then, especially when he pulled double duty as dual artist on both Silver Surfer and Captain America...AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Just try and imagine any current artist trying to pull that off nowadays, That's fucking cra-cray!

I'm such a big fan of the way he renders certain, if not most Marvel characters, that I thought, well shit, if the day Marvel/Hasbro or Marvel Select ever decides to come out with a signature artist series, collection of that artists' work made into action figure form, I'd love to see Ron Lim's renderings in that list.

So here, of my own accord, is my idea for a 6, yes, count 'em 6 waves' worth of Ron Lim-drawn figures.

It's an ambitious project, but I'm down to do it.

Here goes Part 1......

Ron Lim Signature Series Wave 1:

1). Silver Surfer

2). Captain America 

3). Captain Marvel

4). Namor

5). Dr. Doom

6). Daredevil

7). Adam Warlock

BAF: Thanos (Classic look)

Wave 2:

1). Jack of Hearts

2). Quasar (Infinity Gauntlet look)

3). Mephisto

4). Black Bolt

5). Kang The Conqueror

6). Magus (Infinity War look)


7). Eric Masterson Thor

BAF: Galactus

Wave 3:

1). Firelord

2). Air-Walker

3). Crossbones

4). Super-Skrull

5). Dr. Strange

6). Gamora

7). Bullseye

BAF: Drax The Destroyer (Classic look)

And that's just Part 1. What 'til you see who I have in store for Part 2, next week.

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