Thursday, November 03, 2016

Dream Waves: Spider-Man Waves


So, for this week's edition of Dream Waves, I'm presenting to you and to anyone at Hasbro, free suggestions for the next two Spider-Man-themed waves of Marvel Legends figures.

Here they are, the rest of the best that haven't already been made....

-Spider-Man Wave 1:

1). Noir Spider-Man

2). Silver Sable

3). The Prowler

Whether it be the classic version or the newer Marvel Now version, it's way past time we got a Prowler figure in the Marvel Legends line.
4). Cardiac

5). Shriek

6). Puma

He's had a couple different looks, but I prefer the classic look myself, along with an alternative head with a more beast-like face.

7). The Molten Man

BAF: The Grizzly

-Spider Man Wave 2:

1). Doppleganger

2). Solo

He's getting the spotlight again thanks to being a now former merc for hire with Deadpool. And he's got a new look to boot. Either look is fine for me.

3). Carrion

4). Overdrive

We just need him to finally finish The Superior Foes group collection. Do it Hasbro!

5). Mr. Negative

6). Hypno Hustler

Because why not?

7). The Spot

BAF: Spider-Slayer

There's really too many to choice from, but ideally it'd be a machine. Juts pick a design and run with it Hasbro.

That's my list of suggestions for the next two Spider-Man waves.
Didn't see a favorite? Let me know in the comments' section.

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