Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dream Waves: Ron Lim Signature Series ML Figures Part 2

What's up people?

So today I'm finishing up my dream waves list of  Ron Lim Signature Series Marvel Legends figures, the the last three waves I can see being made in this wave.

Wave 4:

1). Starfox

2). Legacy

3). Nebula

4). Morg

5). The Stranger

6). The Grandmaster

7). The Goddess

BAF: Reptyl

Wave 5:

1). Tyrant

2). Wolverine (Brown costume) w/ Alt What If? The X-Men lost the Inferno head

3). Quasar (Operation Galactic Storm)

4). The Champion

5). Midnight Son

6). The In-Betweener

7). The Hulk (Green)

BAF: The Living Tribunal

That's my list folks.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what issue is the last panel with the Surfer, Stranger & Living Tribunal from?

"Father and Son"

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