Thursday, October 27, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Lord Vampire Wolverine VS. Blade the vampire hunter


Continuing the horror theme for these fantasy fights, I'm pitting the Lord of vampires, Wolverine who comes straight from two What If? issues, against one of Marvel Comics' leading vampire hunters Blade.

Lord Vampire Wolverine comes to us from his initial appearance in What If?#24 (Vol. 2)

In that issue, Wolverine becomes a vampire when Dracula defeats the X-MEN and bites them. But being the alpha dog he is, Logan quickly confronts and kills Dracula to become the new Lord and Master over all vampires. From there he goes on a biting tour of his MU, converting hero and villain alike into vampires.

So basically you have Wolverine with all his normal powers, but now with all powers and abilities of a vampire.

In opposition, you have the vampire hunter, Blade. 

Blade's a half-vampire after his mother was savagely attacked by a vampire while still very much pregnant with Blade.

He seems to have most of a vampire's abilities with little to none of their weaknesses, with the lone exception of an unyielding thirst for blood.

In my scenario, Lord Wolverine has somehow found himself in the main MU, and plans on turning everyone into a vampire, much like how he did on his world. But he knows he's going to have lots of opposition to those plans. He makes a list of all the possible heroes and villains who could stop him, and plans to hunt each and every one of them down first. 
At first he considers going after Dr. Strange, but then after a chance viewing of an article about Blade in the Daily Bugle, changes his mind. The opportunity to take out a vampire hunter like Blade is too much to resist. So that's exactly what Lord Wolverine does. He tracks Blade down and decides to pounce when he thinks has an opportune moment. 
But Blade senses him approaching, and quickly realizes this is going to be a long night.


Lord Wolverine


Who wins and why?
Let me know what you think.......

Had to include this image I found, teasing a not-so subtle fate for Blade if he ever crossed paths with Wolverine:
Cute. Real cute;)

Have a good weekend people......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i remember seeing that What If issue when it was out i flipped through it but didn't pick it up. but i would definitely grab it if i ever come across it again in a discount back issue box. i think vampire Wolverine gets the edge if for no other reason because of his adamantium laced bones. that would make a stake through the heart or decapitation difficult options in order to defeat him. that would still leave Blade with options like garlic, silver, sunlight and fire but Wolverine's claws and skeleton are the more practical and versatile weapons in this contest. plus, there's some uncertainty as to how much of an impact some things like garlic or silver would have on a vampire with a mutant healing factor. really, Blade's only real options are to set him on fire and hope the flame kills him before he can strike back or incapacitate Wolverine with some kind of massive injury and force feed him garlic and or drag him out into the sunlight. either way Blade has the tougher job since Wolverine just needs one good stab to Blade in the heart or a swipe to take his head off and that's that.

Dale Bagwell said...

Well said. Blade would need plenty of help on this one. Whether or not he'd ask or accept is another, since I'm sure his pride would want him to tackle Wolverine alone.
Either way, I don't see any other possible outcome other than Lord Wolverine winning this one.

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