Monday, October 24, 2016

Building the Beast

So the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange wave finally hit stores around my area, or really just my local Walgreen's. I have 3 to choose from, bust I keep seeing the same poor distribution issues; only 2 figures are put out, with one store only carrying one,

This is a big difference from the X-Men wave that was just released here, where at the main Walgreen's. they pretty much had the whole set available with some exceptions.

It was explained to me that with Walgreen's, they don't do what you'd normally expect them to do, and order and distribute an entire case. No, instead they'll break 'em up, and go from there.

And that dear friends, is why I primarily buy my figures online.
It's just easier and more convenient. Not always convenient to my wallet, but at least I know I'm getting what I want.

So I now have 5 out of the 8, and wound up having to buy some figures I normally wouldn't have, like the movie version of Baron Karl Mordo,

( God I want an old-school comic book one so bad now)

and another version of the previously released Marvel Now Dr. Strange, but this time he has his cape.

They go with the the movie version Dr. Strange figure and a figure of him in his Astral form

The only one left to get are the main ones, other than the Brother Voodoo figure I have,

are the Marvel Now Iron Fist, The Enchantress, and Nico Minoru, from the Runaways.

But when I do buy them all, I get to build this magnificent bastard


To the Amazon machine apparently......

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